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The series about Nadal’s tennis academy is força interesting. To each capítol, there are some ideas that are repeated: sacrifice, effort, discipline, perseverance, illusion, patience, commitment, etc., really, there is little talk of talent, all that with this logic is not menysprea , because the young people allotjats to the center in tenen, but, according to diu, it is not the most important: «tennistes amb talent però sense routines d’training not milloren, because the key to success is the effort, the exercise and repetition of activity».

It insists on the development of some ethical principles such as “with respect to rivals, fair-play, control of emotions, correction inside and outside the track, responsibility, integrity, commitment, etc.”, per damunt de tot, is It prioritizes human formation so that the noies and the nois are integral to those values ​​that are considered fundamental.

The people who participate in the documentary, argue the strong points of the seva philosophy, from l’oncle Toni (ideoleg of the project), passant pels trainers, physiotherapists, dietitians, metges, recovery workers, collaborators, students, etc., Ho explain davant la càmera, with a simplicitat that makes it seem simple and natural, tot i no ho és gens.

He does not participate, but, cap pare ni mare, but I am sure that this absence is not accidental. I’m sorry that they always fly the best for their fills, the way some people pretend is not the most appropriate. In competitive sports, the absolute autonomy and independence of the technicians and managers is fundamental. I am sure that tothom knows some cases of a “future malbé feta promise” due to the pressure, influence, intervention of the parents who play the wrong role. Correct, judge, value… the actions of the creatures, because they are fan of trainers, and the line between being an ally or an intruder is very fine.

Surprising the personality of one of the million sportsmen of all times, Rafa Nadal: effort, commitment, determination, humiliation, overcoming, research, regarding a mateix and others, trust, company, constancy, illusion, ability to sacrifice , sense of humor, motivation… sembla that I couldn’t be. Escorting him, those who have good conditions is not enough. Also for top-level tennis players, daily work and discipline are necessary to achieve their goals. Ell mateix comments: «Most things are natural, and not others, but they can train, with the ability to kick and face problematic situations».

To each chapter of Nadal’s tennis academy series there are ideas that are repeated: sacrifice, effort, discipline, perseverance, illusion, patience, commitment, etc., really, little is known about the talent

Fa few weeks more assabentava for the press of the novelties of the new curriculum of batxillerat. Different changes are proposed, among which it is emphasized that «to obtain the title of batxiller it is required the positive evaluation in all the materials of the two courses; however, it is contemplated that it is possible to decide on the degree of a student who has passed all the subjects except one”, therefore, he will be able to access the university without having approved all the assignatures. I also foresee the nou decree that it is possible to pass from first to second with dues assigned assignments.

I am not sure of the effects that I could have after long term access to higher education under these conditions, but, obviously, I am not optimistic, I doubt that the profile of the student will improve and menys faces university training. There is no cap on learning theory that does not relate effort and demand to the student’s level of success. Of course, all the most prestigious educational systems, according to the OECD, require passing tests and exams for access to university. Ho have molt clar, it is fundamental that passin els més preparats. Here, in canvi, it seems that the value of work and discipline is something more typical of the past few years, and therefore the only solution to overcome the poor academic level of some students is to lower, face more, the demand.

To the primary education and the obligatory secondary school, they understand that it is to promote both subjects not surpassed, but to the batxillerat to ensure a minimum level. It is fundamental that in post-compulsory studies a universal criterion is maintained: to be demanding and rigorous with the student. Effort, discipline and talent are important values ​​for university education. Some politicians are experts in building a better image from false ideas and arguments, and the truth, the canvis educatius go in this direction. The new reform entails less pes d’aguns principis necessaris per assolir a good preparation and, in change, sembla that it is vulgar to legitimize the law of the minimum effort. For the majority of professions, the values ​​related to work and sacrifice are highly appreciated and, if not, what do they ask the entrepreneurs who later hire the university degrees.

I would be sure that the counselors, experts, specialists, experts, technicians, relate to the Ministry vegin the series. The educational system fails to develop some values ​​that are fundamental to the tennis academy.

I propose that contractin d’assessor l’oncle Toni. I’m sure the politicians are convinced because the effort continued to be perceived but necessary. Cal posing in value, as he always said, “the mental strength, the perseverance to overcome difficulties and the ability to overcome adverse situations”.

Some responsible would like to ask if both the current model is correctly forming the young to face the future with guarantees. As stated by the coach, «effort does not guarantee success, but it does not, practically, ensure failure».

I have always liked Federer’s talent, but honestly, I believe that the work, the effort, the sacrifice and, above all, the personal and professional development of Rafael Nadal is really commendable. I do not connect any that is pugui to compare. Admirable!

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