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Putin’s table | Tarragona Newspaper

It is the endless table mateixa on també va fer sure Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz. The scenery is the graphic representation of the status of the negotiations. For so long, while Putin makes it easier for his interlocutors to pass through the kilometer table, we will not have hopes of pau. Interestingly, this table, which is very famous for being so informative, will be built by the Vicente Zaragozá furniture factory, d’Alcàsser. The piece is lacquered in white and decorated with inlays from or specially imported from Italy. Furniture managers Vicente Zaragozá have not been able to say how much the furniture will cost, but they have detailed that they will have many trips to the Kremlin in order to leave the piece perfectly located. M’ha deixat tranquil to know the Valencian origin of the table of Putin. Initially, I decided to go with the idea that I was going to buy the Pineda apartment. He is a leading furniture manufacturer from Moscow who must be grateful that Putin did not commission him to manufacture the macrotaula, a command that places him, unfailingly, on the black list of Russian oligarchs who are also susceptible to being seized. .

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