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Els Serveis socials a la nostra ciutat, and specifically the Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSST), has been prejudiced, with tothom ja sap, by one of the most flagrant cases of corruption in the history of Tarragona, which presumably is going finance the electoral campaign of former mayor Ballesteros with diners destined to guarantee the basic social rights of the most vulnerable population.

This situation is going to mean an abandonment and a setback in the social policy of the City Council and in the management of the IMSST mateix, which little by little has anat aixecant the cap to the llarg d’aquests anys. Some marks for different political leaderships and, in the most recent darrers, marks for the Covid-19 pandemic that has evidenced two things, opposed to each other: for one band, the value of the techniques and, for the other, that We do not have the prou structured social system per fer front to the one that is going to come.

Furthermore, by posing to manifest that there is a lack of political will on the part of the Generalitat de Catalunya to pose the basic social rights and social services at the center of public policies when, in canvi, the crisis situation we are experiencing, ens requires the implementation of measures and social policies that ensure the quality of a decent life for the population as a whole.

The competences of social services, as well as being one of the pillars in which the bad name «welfare status» is fomented, are exclusive competences of the Generalitat that delegates to the local authorities (councils and county councils) without providing them with economic resources i humans sufficiens per dur-les to terme satisfactòria i poses in risk (or in deute) the municipalism, amb qual thing harms usuàries and els serveis. Això is a palpable reality and it is very common that we are denouncing in all the countries in which we have to reverse this endemic evil that has fetched that the new law of social services is not adequate to the current reality nor that the current law is endowed d’a regulation that developed it. Així, neither has he continued to trek in the strategic plan of social services elaborated for two years.

To the city of Tarragona we have initiated a path of dignity and destigmatization of social services to the city in different directions

To alleviate this lack of will and this reluctance to see the social services and the guarantee of basic social rights, as the city councils face a more complete and rigorous task. I ens dedicate precisely això to the city of Tarragona. We have started a path of dignity and destigmatization of social services to the city in different directions: communication, technology and endowments, regularization of some processes and improvement of the country and seus.

Així doncs, we have established two lines that are communicating with each other; for a band, to strengthen both the stigma and the story of «fet aliè» and generate an inclusive and natural discourse, as well as a new missatge, image and actions to deconstruct the imagination that generates ends for social services. I, for another band, the dignity of the equipment and emplacement of the different services of social services. It is a matter of buying with worthy equipment to guarantee worthy lives, with the aim, in a first phase, of the rehabilitation and adaptation of the Torre Forta, to locate the socio-educational intervention service (conjugate both socio-cultural activities of the city) and with the premises of Carrer Nou de Santa Tecla, on posarem the servei de Gent Gran i dependència. Tanmateix, reinforce the city programs (sensellarism, habitat, exclusion, etc.) to provide them with a polyhedral look and be able to give a response according to the different situations and casuistries.

All a repte that we had in the city of Tarragona, an obligation not to leave any enrere i ara menys, given the crisis situation.

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