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Puigdemont will leave the presidency of JxCat

The former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Puigdemont will leave the presidency of JxCat at the congress that will celebrate the party on June 4 in Argelers, in the south of France.

This has been announced by Puigdemont in a letter to the militancy, advanced by the newspaper Ara and to which Efe has had access, in which he indicates that “now it is necessary” that JxCat “have a new presidency”, that “permanently participate in the executive meetings, to participate fully in the political decisions that have to be taken”, something from which he, from Belgium, had been distancing himself to focus on the Council for the Republic.

“That is why I will not present my candidacy for the renewal of the party’s presidency,” Puigdemont announced, which leaves the renewal of the leadership of JxCat even more open, since the still general secretary, Jordi Sànchez, has also advanced that he will not will run for re-election.

In his letter to the militancy, sent on the occasion of the convocation of the congress on June 4, in which he hopes to be present, Puigdemont expresses his gratitude to Jordi Sànchez for his “unlimited dedication” to the general secretariat during these years.

Puigdemont acknowledges that for some time now he has come to the conclusion that the party needs “a more involved presidency” than he has been in order to maintain a “strategy from exile”, at the head of the Council for the Republic , which must not be “that of any party in particular”. “No party is perfect, and ours even less, because it has less experience and a lot of external adversities, but I am very satisfied that ours has not been a party in the classic sense, vertical, rigid and with a single thought”, Add.

These characteristics, according to Puigdemont, distance JxCat from the “sectarian temptation into which certain very rigid organizations with very vertical governance tend to fall”. For this reason, he values ​​the internal debate in JxCat, which in his opinion “is not a sign of weakness but of democratic richness.” “I encourage those people who within Junts per Catalunya have a proven leadership capacity to assume this responsibility. The person who assumes the presidency will have my support from the start”, he guaranteed.

The replacement of Puigdemont and Sànchez has intensified the internal pulse between families to take command of the party, mainly between the sector from the old Convergència, more pragmatic and with former minister Jordi Turull as the visible head, and the more unilateralist wing and without a past convergent, led by the President of Parliament, Laura Borràs.

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