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Puigdemont: “Aneu a la merda tots els qui heu violat les nostres vines”

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont has shown here his serious indignation at the espionage of independentists through the Pegasus system: “Aneu a la merda all those who violated our lives and those of our families.”

“The wretched ones who are feu and the ones who justify it”, he exclaimed from his compte on Twitter, warning that dialogue with the State in these conditions is not possible. According to Puigdemont, the Catalan independence is not pot “seure mai més en cap taula amb aquesta gent” fins that s’hagin of “deciding the terms of the separation”.

“Because it was better: a judge who authorized an action by the GAL did not make this action legal or protected by the law. It made the judge an accomplice to a criminal act,” Puigdemont denounced, saying he was guilty of ‘a tweet from the former Vice President of the Cultural Òmnium Marcel Mauri, in which he also sent “to hell” those who “spy, do not endorse or do not allow”.

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