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Proposal of 300 daily complaints for not wearing a seat belt, mostly to drivers

In the darrera preventive police campaign for passive security systems coordinated by the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT), which will take place between February 7 and 13, Mossos d’Esquadra and Local Policies will intervene in these set days 2,445 complaints, of which 2,097 (85.8%) did not use the safety belt, 202 (8.3%) did not use the helmet, and 146 (5.97%) did not use child restraint systems ( SRI).

In the case of the belt, in the course of a week, it is going to pose a proposal mitjana of 300 daily complaints, the majority to drivers. Així, it is going to sanction 1,180 drivers (56.3%), 744 escorts of the seven forwards (35.5%) and 173 passengers of the seven following (8.25%).

Aquests controls intensius to monitor the use of belts, helmets and child restraint systems (SRI) to the highways and roads of Catalonia is a fan periodically with the aim of reducing the victims of traffic accidents and remembering the importance of fer to serve aquests dispositius i de fer-ho correctly.

It should be noted that, according to provisional data, 49 of the fatalities or fatalities that are going to have any access to the Catalan roads and highways do not have the cordat belt. Això assumes that 7% of fatalities or fatalities due to traffic accidents in interurban areas during 2021 are not linked to this passive security element. Of the other band, 18 of the motorists and cyclists morts or ferits greus in interurban area do not wear the helmet or not the duien ben cordat, which represents 2.6% of the mortal victims or ferides greus d’aquests col lectius vulnerable . Also in 2 cases of fatalities or fatalities on the road, neither was there a correct use of the child retention system.

Not using the passive or fer-ho security devices incorrectly increases the consequences of harm to the victims. Of course, not wearing a seatbelt, SRI or helmet is, together with speeding and driving, due to the effects of alcohol and other drugs, one of the main causes of injuries derived from traffic accidents. Davant d’això, the SCT considers it essential to donate continuity to these intensive campaigns to continue to make drivers and other users aware of the cliffs and the consequences of this action.

Així mateix, from the SCT is to remind all users of the need to cordate the safety belt in all vehicles, also in coaches.

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