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Preserve the liberal wall of Reus: 3D and injury maps

The remains of the liberal wall of Reus that are still standing and exposed on the island between Carrer del Roser and Carrer de Vilallonga will be restored and preserved. What will be demolished, as detailed by municipal sources to the diary, is only “the wall superimposed on the historical wall, which is not a wall”, which made up the old Mas Magrané soap factory. The action, according to the same sources, will make “the wall as such visible.” Meanwhile, since the summer of 2020, the works of the two new blocks of flats of Forn del Soto have been taking place in its surroundings, whose plan has already been modified to remove the 24 homes that are going to be generated from the vestige.

Of the wall you can still see a canvas and some sections. The defense system was built around 1837 and in 2018 the remains were identified for the first time on the ground by the archaeologist Jaume Massó. Until then, their existence was known based on documents from the time and the reference to the nearby calle de la Muralla, but it was the demolition of the factory that brought them to light.

Although the municipal government had previously assured that it would preserve the wall, it had not detailed the actions that it is going to deploy. And, in fact, in October of last year, during the celebration of Reus Ocult, it was noticed that the part that overlooked the Camí de Valls had disappeared. Municipal sources now indicate to this newspaper that “the planned work will materialize in the work of restoration and enhancement of the 19th century wall within the scope of the urbanization project of the UA 4.74 Forn del Soto.”

Analysis and enhancement

The City Council specifies, in this sense, that, among others, “a photogrammetric or 3D survey of the plan and heights of the wall will be carried out in detail”, as well as “a prior analysis of the state of conservation and the preparation of maps of pathologies, injuries and other types of problems. The “drafting of the execution project for the restoration and enhancement” is also scheduled, although the government does not specify a budget or calendar. The same sources add that “the entire original wall will be preserved, eliminating the remains of constructions of the old factory” and that “in the places where the wall is missing, a pavement will be placed that follows its layout, that gives it continuity.”

Massó explained a few months ago that the wall has “a visible height of about four meters and a thickness of about 40 centimeters, with many loopholes through which rifles peeked out.” It began to be built “in the Carlist War” and it was “the last wall of Reus; then no more were made because they were not necessary».

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