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Postcovid small and medium commerce

We all agree that we are experiencing a totally unknown situation in general terms and trade is no less; an experience that should not be forgotten, but it is necessary to act in the face of the great changes that the pandemic has caused in society. Whenever we have faced a crisis, the impact on retail is immediate.

Many of us have the feeling that we have woken up from a dream that has lasted ten years and life has changed a lot. As Andy Stalman, global branding specialist, says, “We can create and transform the future right now. We must not wait to see what others do, but we must act now, but always thinking and acting quickly. We can jump into the pool, but make sure beforehand that the pool has water. In the end, it will be the big fast and brave brands that go over the slow and fearful ones.

We must never forget that our small business is the first and main protagonist of the circular wealth of our towns and cities.

We must understand that it is necessary to adapt to the new changes, which in commerce undoubtedly go through digitization, although local commerce will undoubtedly continue to occupy its social and meeting space.

It has already been said on several occasions that the great beneficiaries during the confinements due to Covid-19 have been the large supermarkets, with online sales and home deliveries in record time, in some cases even in two hours. But this has given rise to the fact that user customers have greatly missed local businesses, neighbourhoods, km 0, etc., due to their extraordinary quality offer and their great contribution to added value. The flexibility and adaptability of small businesses has allowed many to adapt to the new context. Trust is a fundamental value offered by small and medium businesses, as is well known, and given the telematic offer that many are already making –although the gender is not visible–, the shopkeeper is a natural person who can be see the next day, so we know that you will always offer us the best quality products.
The accelerated incursion into new digital platforms, forced by the current context, can be a great catalyst for small and medium businesses; it is very important to show the great advantages compared to large surfaces and although right now it is not possible to draw too positive conclusions from a moment like this, the solidarity that is being generated can also be a gateway for new audiences.

One of the great and new markets that are emerging with great force is the rental of products over possession. The rental of consumer goods or used items will skyrocket, and the businesses that are dedicated to this must enable a part of their stores/businesses, as many of them have already been doing considerably with click & collect for rent of services and items.
The great increase that occurs every year in online sales will make collections take place in physical stores (buy online, pick up in store).
The new forms of commerce that attack our lifelong commerce are already a reality, but what we must never forget is that our small business is the first and main protagonist of the circular wealth of our towns and cities.

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