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Positive Discipline | Tarragona Newspaper

I belong to that generation that grew up under the motto that «the letter with blood enters», a maxim that some of my teachers followed to the letter – how can we forget Don Adolfo, who in the sixth year of EGB put the whole class in single file and hit with a hazelnut stick on the buttocks whoever didn’t know how to decline verbs! And if you complained at home, you still got annoyed, because at that time the teachers were an authority. How times have changed! Yesterday I read that the Educa Bonito Foundation has just been born, the first entity exclusively for positive discipline in Spain, with the aim of promoting an education without shouting, threats or punishment. As explained by the champions of this initiative, positive discipline is not related to permissiveness or the absence of rules or limits, but is a parenting style that seeks to ensure that children know how to successfully face their vital challenges without violence and from the respectfully, but firmly. They add that the parents who educate in this way are those who do not experience strong feelings such as anger, frustration or fear – whoever is free of these ‘sins’ at some point in the upbringing of their children, cast the first stone; It won’t be me, of course. The goal, in short, is what it has always been: to make our little ones responsible, autonomous, resilient, respectful, tolerant and empathetic. Hopefully we get it. If it is with this method, even better.

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