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‘Poemes discards’, a channel of theatrical creativity and generosity

«The process that we have opened with the discarded Poems gives people the opportunity to actively participate in scenic creation who usually, and for various reasons, are left out of the city’s cultural circuits». Amb aquestes paraules, the promoter of the Teatrosfera company, Maria Bravo, explains the reason for being of the Poemes discards muntatge -which is part of the cycle Paradigmes amb Gabriel Ferrater- and that it will premiere again at Cal Massó (7 and 9 p.m.).

Entities of functional diversity and social inclusion have participated in the creation process, including the Mas d’Enric penitentiary center, with a total of 32 people. «Quan estem treballant junts sentim que totôm és equal, aprenem els uns dels altres, oblidem allo que ens separes i es creadas insopitades human and artistic connexions. Poemes discards is a channel of creativity and generosity that is transforming itself”, highlights the also actress.

As to why she has been inspired by the poems not included in Ferrater’s published work, Maria Bravo details that “the critical edition of Les dones i els dies by Jordi Cornudella arrived at the Poemes discards i vaig apartment to clearly feel that it was there that he was going to work. I am going to be very curious to know the reasons why Ferrater did not include these poems, and I am going to start researching the poet’s work, his life, his personality… I have to say that em completely fascinated ».

Així mateix, the actor continues explaining that «the ‘descartats’ are represented in the community by people who do not fit into the prevailing normative patterns, who remain outside the catalog, defying the system and the established world and who, precisely for això, they are a source of creative inspiration. This process will dignify and make visible the seva authenticity».

Regarding the selection of the poems, the promoter of the Teatrosfera company details that “as a starting point, we are going to start the muntatge with 15 poems. Quan el grup s’anava consolidant i es awakening potentialitats i connexions entre els membres s’anava clarifying the contingut de la peça”, which affirms that “we have built an experience in two spaces: exterior and interior, facing our vulnerability and dare us to expose it as a part of the human condition».

Who will the ‘face’ of the reused poet discover to the public? «What we have anat discovered and volem show is that Ferrater was a very authentic person, of a deep magnetism, an intellectual who risked the margin of majoritarian currents, a critical author who bothered scholars and who expressed sense filters I don’t need to please anyone, a vulnerable person, who lived love and disappointment in a very intense way”, answered Maria Bravo.

Artists from the territory also participate in the show. «They have created l’espai sonor Cristian Borys and Dj Abaia; Josep Pijuan (Piju) has designed the espai escènic; Irene Benavent ens has helped with the choreography; Roman Homs has realized the photographic recull of the procés; Jordi Martínez has coordinated the creation of Mas d’Enric, and Fátima Jiménez, Assmae Al Amiri and Pau Ferré, students of the IFE Domènech i Muntaner, have carried out the audiovisual creation».

The result is an experience more than a product of cultural consumption, as the actress Maria Bravo said «this is an experience of social artivism, a work of processes, not of results, which will say that we do not start from ideas Fixes that s’imposen the participants with a unique criteria to generate a concrete result. It is not looking for artistic virtuosity, but the expression of a deep and sincere authenticity. It is a methodology applicable to other areas of life, outside the scenarios. And it is important that s’escolti because it works».

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