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Petits furts i estafes, principals fets delictius a Tortosa

The mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, will preside over the Local Security Board of Tortosa, with the presence of the different police officers that act in the municipality, the judiciary of the judicial party, the prosecutor in cap, the director of territorial services d ‘Interior to the TE and the sub-delegation of the Spanish government in Tarragona.

The meeting will allow verifying the increase in detentions during the last year, including a total of 358 detinguished people. Això represents 49.2% more compared to the data left behind by the pandemic, according to reports from the Tortosa City Council. Of these detentions, gairebé la meitat (42%) correspond to the age group between 18 and 25 years.

Els delictes comesos are situated at 19% per baix of the rest of Catalonia. D’aquests, the petits furts represent 30.5% while Internet scams account for 30.3% of the cases. The resolution index is 44%, given that it is located per damunt of the middle of Catalonia.

The Local Security Board clearly demonstrates the good collaboration that exists between the various police forces, the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office, an important value when it comes to dealing with cases involving multiple repeat offenders.

Meritxell Roigé is going to thank this “excellent coordination and the work done by all the police things to ensure that Tortosa continues to be a safe city”, he is going to affirm.

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