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Pedro Benito, the ‘Tiktoker’ who threatens Nàstic

He is 22 years old, has 54 games in professional football and… 1.8 million followers on Tik Tok! Pedro Benito, a San Fernando player, is what is known as an influencer. A young boy, as talented in football as he is in producing videos for the social network. Many of them have gone viral with over a million views. One of the last ones that he has posted, which has reached 3.3 million views, is the video of his goal against Villarreal B, the first since he arrived at the club on loan from Cádiz in winter. A goal in the 90th minute of the match to sentence the Cadiz victory at the Villarreal Miniestadi (0-3).

With a Cádiz flag behind him, the young Andalusian winger answers the questions of his followers, shows the training sessions in the gym or posts videos of his goals. A natural and fresh content that hooks and that has made him famous before football gave him that fame.

The vital maelstrom of the young man from Cádiz does not stop there. He also gives him the chance to study INEF as a second university career after the one in Marketing that he completed in the United States. After vertices of a prolific life, focused, yes, on football. It is his priority, as he has explained in the multitude of interviews he has done since he was uncovered as ‘TikToker’ during the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His dream is very clear, too: «Play for Cádiz and lift the Champions League». A few years ago it was to go up to First with the team of his heart, but the yellows are already in the elite and now it’s time to think even bigger.

Pedro Benito’s relationship with Cádiz dates from before his birth. His father, Alberto Benito, was a footballer for the Cadiz entity and later a sports director. Hence, his son was born in the Andalusian city and assumed the passion for wearing that shirt. The story of the young man with the yellow team was written. He signed for Cádiz in 2020 after passing through the quarry of Almería, Swansea, Anorthosis and Canillas and after two years in the United States combining studies with football. He was in the Oklahoma Wesleyan University FC and played with the Bulldogs of the Gardner-Webb University, located in Boiling Springs (North Carolina), in the Big South Conference, one of the conferences of the maximum NCAA university competition.

In his first year as a cadista he was loaned to the UCAM Murcia subsidiary, with whom he played in the Third RFEF. He scored 13 goals. This year he began the season in the Cádiz subsidiary, in the Second RFEF, making his debut in the first team. It was in October last year when the Cádiz coach at the time, Álvaro Cervera, summoned the youngster and gave him the alternative against Valencia. He played the last half hour of the game in substitution of Álvaro Negredo.

In the winter market the possibility of getting a loan at the San Fernando de Primera RFEF came up. With his father’s advice, Benito packed his bags to gain experience in the bronze category.

With San Fernando he has played 16 games, although only four as a starter, in which he has scored three goals. The last one in the last day, in the three-way tie between the Andalusian side and Cornellà. It was 1-2 and the start of the Cadiz comeback.

Tomorrow he will arrive in Tarragona to face Nàstic in a vital match for both teams. Both need to win to continue in the fight for promotion. A local victory would leave San Fernando somewhat touched in this war, while if the three points travel to Cádiz it would be the Tarragona team that would see their options of traveling to Galicia diminished.

For Benito, the match will be one more stage in his career and an opportunity to continue racking up goals at the rate that his followers on TikTok continue to increase.

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