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Pedestrians save the life of a baby on the Rambla de Tarragona

On a bench on the Rambla Nova, near the statue of Els Despullats, a mother with a baby in her arms was unhinged because her baby, in her arms, did not react. At that moment, a few meters away, a family passing by realized that something was wrong.

The gesticulation of the mother with the baby in her arms activated the sixth sense of this couple, who came to see what was happening to lend a hand if necessary. Both have basic health knowledge from their job training.

The baby did not wake up. He was apparently unconscious and seemed not to be breathing (or at least regularly). His first reaction was to carefully insert his fingers into his mouth in case he had choked on something. His throat was clear. Then the massages began to provoke a pulmonary reaction (Heimlich maneuver).

The minutes seemed like hours on that bench on the Rambla. The first call to 112 (and derived to 061, which is health care) was recorded shortly before 6:15 p.m. While a doctor telephoned these passers-by to be able to correctly resuscitate a 12-month-old baby, the call also alerted the SEM, which immediately sent two ambulances to Rambla Nova.

The baby began in the arms of different people (who were trying to revive it and hear the blessed whining) and ended up placed laterally on the tiles of the Rambla to be able to work with greater efficiency and a safe space. Little by little it was seen how air entered his lungs, since at no time was the coloration turning bluish. Things were beginning to look optimistic.

Once the two ambulances arrived, the SEM technicians relieved the pedestrians. They stabilized the baby and took him to the hospital to make a more exhaustive diagnosis of what had happened to him. SEM sources confirm the action on the Rambla and the notice at 6:18 p.m., but due to data protection they have not provided what happened to the baby.

Meanwhile, the SEM technicians were working on the Rambla Nova, trying to reassure the mother and take care of the baby’s siblings, who were 2 and 5 years old respectively. A patrol from the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona also came to lend a hand.

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