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Passenger car registrations accumulate a drop of 11.8% in 2022

Last April, 69,111 passenger cars were registered in Spain, which is 12.1% less than in the same month of 2021. The sharp drop in the month adds to the bump in March (-30%), which shows a decrease in the first quarter of the year of 11.8% with 233,509 passenger cars registered.

By channels, individuals bought 28,942 in April, 1.4% below sales for the same month last year, companies 28,111, with a drop of 2.9% and rental companies only obtained 12,058 cars in April , 40.6% less than in the same month last year.

The serious situation in the automobile market is reflected in the figures for the first four months, a period in which 233,509 units were registered, which is 11.8% less than in 2021. By channels, between January and April, individuals they have acquired 106,915 passenger cars, 1.3% more than in 2021; companies 105,342, a 2.8% drop, and rental companies 24,199 cars, with a collapse of 55% and well below the expected needs to cover the rental needs for this summer.

The brands that go up

Asian brands, due to their greater availability of chips, performed better in April, although there are Japanese manufacturers such as Mazda, Lexus and Nissan or the Korean Ssangyong that recorded declines in the month. In April sales increased compared to the same month of 2021 the Korean Hyundai (43.8%) and Kia (11.3%) and the Japanese Honda (51%), Mitsubishi (9.1%) and Toyota (10.2%). ). Among the rest of the big brands, Cupra (79%), Citroën (3.7%) and Dacia (8.7%) rose.

“The recovery of sales is increasingly far from recovering normal figures and endangers the financial stability of many dealers, especially the networks whose manufacturers are suffering the most severely from the lack of product in the face of the microchip supply crisis. In addition, to this serious problem are added the high prices of fuels that continue to detract from the purchase intention, which is why at Ancove we request a greater effort from the Government and the fuel distributors to lower the price of fuels as quickly as possible. . If this is not the case, sales will be weighed down for the summer”, declares Eric Iglesias, general director of Ancove

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