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Pablo Lospitao wins the April 15 Trophy of La Canonja

The Electromercantil-GR-100 team cyclist Pablo Lospitao won the VI Trofeo 15 d’April de La Canonja, the second scoring event of the Copa España Junior Cofidis held yesterday after two editions without being held due to the pandemic.

Lospitao, who already claimed victory in the first race of the circuit in Don Benito, in February, was the fastest in the group arrival that was decided in the sprint. It was played by 15 runners who were left alone during the ascent to Coll de la Teiexeta.

The winner invested a final time of two hours, 51 minutes and 13 seconds to cover the 113 kilometers of the April 15 Trophy, which had 180 participants. Lospitao won ahead of Savelli Laptev, from the Vino team, and Pau Martí, from the Drone Hopper GSPO, who accompanied him on the final podium.

The three had broken the race with 12 other runners during the seven kilometers of ascent to the Teixeta pass. Until then, the 15 de Abril Trophy had been marked by good weather, a fast pace (40 km/h on average) and successive breakaways that had reached a difference of 45 seconds at most.

Coinciding with the coronation of the Teixeta, the cyclists have had to endure a long time of rain, wind and even a small hail.

The descent towards Porrera has become dangerous and there have been some falls. The ascents to Coll de Porrera (3.3 km./7.1%) and Coll d´Alforja (4.7 km./4.8%) had not changed things and the leading group ended up playing the victory in the sprint where Lospitao was much superior.

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