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Owners of houses and lands from Baiona, to Valls, against the urban director plan

The neighbors of the Baiona area, located between the municipal districts of Valls, the Pla de Santa Maria and Alió, are not willing to lose neither the seves cases nor the seves terres at the hands of the Generalitat. A large part of the area is affected by the Plana de l’Alt Camp’s Plana de l’Alt Camp’s Economic Activity Plan (PDU). The project, presented a few weeks ago by the Regional Minister of Territory, Jordi Puigneró, foresees the expropriation of both the habitats and the camps, a situation to which the affected parties are not prepared, which completely contradicts the intentions of the Generalitat.

This week, the local Agricultural Cooperative of Valls has been the scene of a meeting of the Association of Owners and Neighbors of the neighborhood of Baiona de Valls to address the issue. This is made up of about 160 owners of houses and estates. The meeting, which will be attended by some 200 people, will serve to explain the issues that have been affected, according to what the president, Francesc Porras, explains to the Diari.

The Baiona section covers between 500 and 600 hectares of the municipal terme of Valls, about 650 from Pla de Santa Maria and about 100 from Alió –in this there are no constructions–. And the director plan affects about 400. He says that at the start he has between 300 and 400 cases and houses. Porras recalls that Valls had the highest percentage of industrial estate per inhabitant in the province of Tarragona and among the highest in Catalonia, «i això no s’acaba d’entendre». And he emphasizes that half of the naus of the polygon are mig buides «and they begin to be destroyed» by abandonment. «I to the Polígon del Pla només hi there are two companies, the rest are small workshops». He also emphasizes that the Valls estate has just been expanded to 60 hectares.

The first farms in the Bayonne area are going to start building in the 1960s. But the construction boom is going to arrive between the end of the last century and the beginning of the year. «I amb la pandèmia ha vingut a viure molta gent jove, que s’has instal·lat com a primer residència». Molts have remained parats, because three months are going to sign the mortgage and for the second house knob.

met with the mayor

The association is going to meet last week with the mayor of Valls, Dolors Farré. «Ens is going to say that she did not see the project. Estem molt contents amb el positioning de l’Ajuntament». But what they have for it is that the Generalitat pel dret, all and the opposition of the Town Halls of Valls and the Pla de Santa Maria.

Coming in the afternoon, the people affected by the project will be concentrated in Plaça del Blat during the municipal plenary session. A representation may participate in the plenary section explaining why they join the project.

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