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Oriol Pallissó, mayor of the ERC at the proper municipal elections in Montblanc

The Local Section of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) of Montblanc has presented the candidate for the next municipal elections of 2023. The act will be attended by Pau Ricomà Vallhonrat, Noemí Llauradó Sans, and Teresa Rull Ferré, mayors of the ERC for Tarragona, Reus and Valls, respectively.

The ERC candidate for Montblanc will be escorted by absolute majority to the extraordinary assembly held one week. “A huge thank you to all the militancy that will believe in me”, the mayor of the municipality will present at the beginning of his speech. I, he will ensure that “now begins the transformation that Montblanc needs”.

“This is beginning a project of present but above all of the future. Future pels young people of the vila, who can access decent housing at a fair price and who have job opportunities in the region”, Pallisó will predict, who has also promised the true and feminist transformation that he proposes for the village of Montblanc.

Pau Ricomà Vallhonrat, will assure that “l’Oriol is the best candidate for the capital of the region, he is a tireless worker”. He will again highlight the importance of the projects that Pallisó presents to improve the territory and the services that are offered to the people.

The mayor of Reus will state that “from the party we know that the republican candidate for Guanyarà will elect the municipality.” He has confirmed that “few have his esperit, he esteems Montblanc”.

The ERC Montblanc candidate has shown a great appreciation to all the people attending the six presentation and to the mayors who have accompanied them. All together they have shown the great support, confidence and strength that exist within the Esquerra Republicana.

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