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Orhan Pamuk, the female gaze of Orient Mitjà

«Humanity always survived and invented our problems. The fet to protect us against the viruses ho portem to the blood, als gens i in the end, All the pandemics have disappeared, there is a resilience. Of faith, humanity behaves the same in all of them, it faces that vol dos coses now, protect dels governs i llibertat. Tot i això, it’s a shame that, worried about negotiating, s’hagi sacrificed the life of many great people».

both the Bosfor with a stage, On the street of Istanbul that separates the European part from the Asian part, the Nobel Prize for Literature Orhan Pamuk will talk about Erdogan and democracy, Ukraine, human rights and pandemics. Davant a concorregut grup of journalists, through zoom, the writer presented the seva last novel·la of him, Nits de pesta (Més Llibres/Random House).

The novel la, with a translation into Catalan of Xavier Gaillard Pla, is set in 1901 with a vaixell who is directed to the fictional town of Minguer, with Princess Pakize Sultan, nephew of Sultan Abdülhamit II, and his husband, Dr. Nuri. Al vaixell, però, també hi viatja the inspector in cap de sanitat de l’imperi otomà, in charge of confirming the sospites of plague that have arrived fins to the continent. All the coincidences with the current pandemic, Pamuk is going to start writing the novel fa five anys ia think-la during 35.

«Em semblava curious that tothom em you asked why he wrote about plagues. Sobte, up a virus that affects the whole society. The same because my friends say that the pandemics are not in force ». When he is going to be aware of the supply of Covid, Orhan is going to decide not to erase res from the novel. «Tot will change i the story is allowed to be written in a real pandemic situation. I’m just going to reduce the descriptions of the quarantine because I’m going to think that everyone already knew how they work».

Tot i això, Pamuk recognizes that it is going to feel gelós of reality. «For a moment, I vaig have the feeling that the meu món d’escriptura is turned into a public alter and I was going to bother a mica. Of fet, to the novel the hi has a capítol on an aixecament of pilgrims ia the Turkey d’Erdogan had lloc a thing semblant».

just the prosecution of Erdogan li demands gairebé two years of imprisonment accused of insulting Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish republic. «I was going to ask in which pages it appeared and, evidently, there was no cap. I do not have to give the prisoner perquè l’atac no cap mena de fonament tea. The book itself is one al·legoria of the creixement of the nations after the disintegration of l’Imperi Otomà. Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey are the new nations that are going to be formed, but there is no direct connection to Atatürk”, asserts Pamuk, who is going to run under protection.

«Erdogan has finished with freedom of expression and sense of freedom of expression without democracy. Tinc molts amics journalists who have finished the prisoner for writing brave things. We had a minister who said with pride that they are building new presons, as if fossin hospitals and això has passed the last sis or set years, while humanity looks». Hi, is there anything good in tot plegat?, it’s a question. «The surveys say that Erdogan’s popularity is falling. If the upcoming elections are fair, Erdogan will worry because in the last months the economy has strengthened and the people are living in situations of poverty. Fins i all his islamist followers of him are annoyed because people don’t have a thing to eat, they can’t donate-li llet als seus fills».

«Erdogan has finished with the freedom of expression and sense of freedom of expression not hi ha democràcia»

In the same way, he is going to talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. «It is immoral to kill the Ukrainians because they do not fly pertànyer to the rus bloc, because they do not fly that Russia els controli i The most shameful thing about this war is that everything is open. We can go to the internet and watch a lot of videos, I mateix ho faig and I feel guilty and horrible. Volem fer something, but the frustration exists because there is no hi ha gaire a fer except alçar la veu o remember Susan Sontag when Bosnia is going to be bombed by Milosevic’s army.

A nits of pestathe author of my name is Red recreates convulsive temps i ho fa from the veu of princess Pakize Sultan. In this sentiment, she emphasizes that her longing is «veure el món through female narrators in les meves novel les. But not because of political correctness, but because soc un home d’Orient Mitjà i connect tota l’estupidesa del món. I am a great admirer of Jean Jacques Rousseau, who is going to tell him that any man who is baralli amb seva mare of him is wrong. Doncs jo ho I canviat i dic: qualsevol writer d’Orient Mitjà who is baralli amb els seus critics femenins s’equivoca».

Malgrat tot, malgrat les guerres, les pandèmies i els totalitarianismes Erdogan is positive regarding the future of humanity, «not because it remained utopian, but because If I look at the finestra I see the Bosfor, I see the beauty of life. Life is Beautiful».

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