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Open the process of citizen participation on the Eix Cívic de Salou

Salou City Council has open, until May 9, a process of citizen participation on the Eix Civíc. The initiative aims to take into account the proposals that may arise from the people of Salou in the processing of the planning and management of this large urban project planned in the central section of the railway line that crossed the city, now in disuse and that will soon be dismantled by Adif.

The territorial scope of the process is limited to Salou and those called to participate are the people and entities of the neighborhoods directly affected by the Eix Cívic space. They can also do sensory actors linked to affected areas and, ultimately, citizens in general.

Salou City Council will hold this coming Thursday, April 28, at 7:00 p.m. in the Europa Room of the TAS, an information session open to the public on the proposal for a specific modification of the POUM of Salou regarding this specific issue.

In this session, the municipal technicians will present the modification proposal and also the planned schedule for the actions that must be carried out in the Eix Civíc.

People interested in attending this meeting or making contributions should do so through the platform:

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