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Offer spaces for Social Security officials linked to the Móra d’Ebre office

The county councils of Ribera d’Ebre, Terra Alta and Priorat have denounced a “disregard by the state institutions” for the holding of the Móra d’Ebre Social Security office, which donated services to the veïns of the three counties.

The regional councils of Ribera d’Ebre, Terra Alta and Priorat demand that the Government of the Estate, one more cop, re-open the Social Security office, which has been closed for just two years. All that the Senat is going to approve a motion for the reopening and from the socialist group is going to ensure that the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luís Escrivá, has committed to donating a solution, the office remains stagnant i in convertible

“They are going to commit to reopening the office and the PSC is going to vote in favor in May 2021 of a motion from the ERC to the Senat to reopen it. But we are here one year later and they say that it is not reopening and that they will continue to depopulate our counties of basic services for all veins. They are centralizing offices without resting the places of civil servants who have retired. Ens have enganyat ”, the Deputy to the Congress for ERC Norma Pujol will denounce there. One day the three affected regional councils are going to meet with the sub-delegation of the Spanish government in Tarragona, Joan Sabaté. According to Pujol and the presidents of the county councils, the proposed proposal for the Estat consists of «transferring the competition to the county councils».

The president of the Ribera d’Ebre Regional Council, Gemma Carim, is going to call the Estat’s proposal “unacceptable”, which is “disregarding its functions”. “If they can’t accept the personal commitment, let them transfer competencies. But it is not possible that all the common care derives in the staff of the county council.” Carim will express that the councils can offer a space because they are working for the Social Security officials, “but we do not accept assigning their own staff to the ugly that they are not a fan ».

Per tot plegat, the three regional councils demanded the appearance of the minister Escrivá before the senate amb related to the tancament of the office.
However, the deputy delegate of the Spanish government in Tarragona, Joan Sabaté, confirms to the Diari that this formula of moving fortnightly, for example, Social Security officials to the regional councils would indeed be valid.

«At the meeting se’ls hi va fer an offer of agreement that was an esborrany. I have not rebut response. It is an open proposal in which we can continue negotiating. Per part nostra, mà estesa per arriving at a chord », he declares. The agreement consisted of the consells puguessen enabling a space amb assessorament de l’Institut Nacional de la Seguretat Social. «Però l’INSS can offer service provision, assessorament, collaboration or send an official two cops a month», Sabaté specifies.

In any case, the sub-delegation recalls that all the gestions are able to be done telematically, that there are no civil servants and that the Móra d’Ebre office had a low user name.

The deputy Pujol will also denounce there that there is a “menysteniment” cap to the ebrenques counties per part of l’Estat, as in the case of the lack of nuclear transition plans or projects.

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