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‘Núria La Gràcia’, the thousand and one faces of creativity

From actress to narrator, passing through illustrator, stage manager and tour manager, creative director in events and teacher of theater workshops. For more than fifteen years, Núria Pellisa Gràcia (Reus, 1984) –known artistically as ‘Núria La Gràcia’– has had the good fortune to work in almost thirty countries in Europe, America and Asia.

On this trip around the world, his thousand and one creative faces have accompanied him. “I was a student at the Escola de Teatre del Center de Lectura and later I graduated in dramatic art in Barcelona,” she explains, recalling that “the world of acting has always caught my attention, since when I was little I had a trench coat with the one who played detective.

About the opportunities that being an actress has given her, she says that “it has allowed me to travel a lot and meet many people.” In fact, one of the last destinations she has visited has been Istanbul. «There I was working in a volunteer program, in exchange for accommodation; an experience that has allowed me to continue creating with the peace of mind of not thinking about how to pay the rent while I was there”, acknowledges the also illustrator, who highlights “there are many platforms, today, that allow you to work all over the world in exchange for accommodation; which is also a way to meet other people who travel in the same way».

Likewise, from his experience in the stage world, he highlights that «when you work in small theater companies you have to do a little of everything, that is, take care of the organization, production, etc. So one thing leads to another, and I actually love everything that goes on behind the scenes, before each show.”

Full color

On the other hand, her work as an illustrator also has its origins in childhood. “I’ve always liked to draw and even when I was little I won some competitions,” she explains. But, this facet was on standby until she woke up again during confinement. “Since I was alone, locked up at home, I took advantage of the time to create my illustrated brand, whose characters are the image of all kinds of articles.”

Of her style, the Reusian highlights that “it is naïve and very colorful, because we almost always go all dressed the same and I think that life lacks color.” About why it is important that there is more color in life, the illustrator says that “it is the reflection of our attitude, that is, of whether we have chosen to live among shades of gray or a life full of light.”

Therefore, she feels comfortable using “fresh colors like yellows and oranges.” And about the protagonists of her illustrations, she likes to draw «female characters who feel fulfilled, that is, capture her moments of personal satisfaction». Thus, through her illustrated universe, she wants to make “a call for everyone to find her purpose in life, that is, to think about what makes us feel good.”

travel and connect

In this sense, traveling has made him see that, in life, “the most important thing is time and the quality of himself, since it allows you to discover different perspectives of life and different ways of doing things.”

He also says that “I am excited to encourage people to connect with their most creative part”, for which he believes that “if everyone did what they really love, the world would be a better place and we would feel more fulfilled”. In addition, he points out that «the problem is that we act in an automated way, doing things that we don’t like; when we should take our time to do what makes us really happy. For this reason, ‘Núria La Gràcia’ is on the way to connecting with her most creative part, since “I want to adapt my work to my needs, that is, I prefer a minimalist lifestyle, to have more time to do what I love. like”.

‘The Travels of Pila’

A way of thinking that she shares with Pila, the protagonist of the story Pila’s Travels (Torres Editores), a girl who was born with a ‘pilacuriality’ and that is that she has a battery inside her, but to discover its secret she will first need to do a journey that will transform her forever.

“Pila is my alter ego, a person with a high sensitivity, which means that she captures more emotional and sensory stimuli than others, so she needs to be aware of all this to learn to set limits,” explains the woman from Reus.

In this sense, the internal ‘battery’ of ‘Núria La Gràcia’ runs out when “I am surrounded by people who criticize others or who complain about everything, but at the same time do nothing to change the situation”, while “What recharges my batteries is traveling, meeting new people and undertaking projects that contribute to improving the well-being of society.”

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