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Núria Gil and Dani Castillo shine in the National

Dani Castillo and Núria Gil shone brilliantly in the Spanish mountain racing championship held last weekend in Viveiro (Lugo). The two achieved the silver medal and were on the verge of being champions in their respective categories, but they gave great sensations that allow them to continue working with optimism for their bright future.

Dani Castillo finished second in the 21-kilometer test in which Gontzal Murgoitio prevailed, who was proclaimed champion of Spain promises, ahead of Tarragona himself and Javier Cabestre.

The Tarragona runner assured after second place: «I arrived with many uncertainties about what state of form I would be in for such a fast and demanding circuit, since we started running three weeks ago after an injury. In the end we return home with a second position in the Spanish Championship. Thank you very much to the entire Federació Esports Muntanya CV for trusting me from the beginning.

Double medal for Gil

Núria Gil also finished second in the absolute category in a test in which she could not avoid the absolute dominance of Patricia Pineda who was leading the race during the 42-kilometre route. In third place finished Marta Martínez. It was a high-level race and this is reflected in the fact that the first three classified will lower the historical record of the event.

In addition, Núria Gil did win the gold medal in the Spanish championship for national teams in which she finished in first position with Catalonia ahead of the Basque Country and Andalusia.

The local runner affirmed after the test that it had been «a race from less to more, looking for new sensations in what was my first Marathon. I couldn’t be happier, coming from a start to the season that wasn’t quite as expected. It seems that all the work is having its reward. It’s time to improve things, but we’re on the right track.”

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