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Nou fire of vegetation against the river Gaià in Vila-rodona

The area of ​​the river Gaià next to Vila-rodona is going to start dissabte another fire of vegetation. If on April 19 the foc is located at the bottom of a ravine near the Roman columbari of Vila-rodona, then dissabte was on the banks of the Gaià river.

The firefighters go over the night when five minutes pass by in the afternoon about a fire in the agricultural margins on the coast of the river, in the area coneguda com el Racó.

Cap el lloc is going to displace two endowments from the Vila-rodona park and one from the Valls park. Tanmateix, a bomber helicopter will be pulling tons of water from the air.

At 7:52 p.m. the foc is donated by controlat ia les deu de la nit es withdrawn tots els efectius. Els foc is going to cremate 2,000 square meters. A patrol from the agents rurals will also come to the lloc.

It is the surface mateixa cremated last April. And on that occasion the foc is detected almost at the mateixa hour. The war is going to open at 6:27 p.m. and cap the lloc dels fets s’hi van displaçar two crews of firefighters from the Parc de Montblanc and one from the Parc de Valls.

The foc was of low intensity and cremated on the surface in an area of ​​difficult access. The bombers are going to cross two water lines to be able to attack the flames.

At 7:08 p.m. the foc is donà per controlat.

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