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Nordic walking in Reus to socialize among the elderly

Promote activity among the elderly, focusing on healthy, dignified, shared and autonomous ageing; involving, if possible, other generations. With this idea, the Grantivisme program arose from the Department of Health and Citizenship, aimed at people over 60 years of age. Activities resumed in February and will continue until June.

In this initiative, a series of proposals are suggested to enhance the capabilities of this age group in terms of physical and emotional health and including nutritional aspects.
Paqui Pellicer, who has participated in some activities, found out about Granvitivisme because “I am on the board of the Center Cívic Ponent and there are sessions that are held there, such as the workshop on new technologies and another on theater,” he summarizes. He explains that the initiatives that are carried out help to create a meeting point for socialization. “There are people who go on an excursion or a conch, they are things that you have to take advantage of, you have a good time,” he values.

He has been on the board of the municipal facility for a couple of years and says that the older people who frequent it “are very active, because they propose activities and want to do things,” he celebrates. A couple of activities that are “requested a lot,” she notes, “are memory workshops and gym classes.”

have an active life

Catalan courses, on the other hand, also “have a way out”, explains Paqui. He conveys that the most important thing is that older people ask for what they want, “so the activity will have a guaranteed follow-up,” he says.

The Councilor for Health and Citizenship of the Reus City Council, Òscar Subirats, says on the subject that, “if all goes well, in the next plenary session, we will approve the Plan d’Envelliment Actiu i Saludable, it is the essence of what we do with the Grantivism program; we want to find a philosophy of life in which the elderly have activity and autonomy », he insists.

Apart from the Civic Centers of the city, in the Casals de la Gent Gran they also “organize activities”, he recalls. “With Grantivism, however, we reformulate the concept of aging, we dignify it to be active,” he declares.

The pandemic also meant that many older people, unfamiliar with technology, had to learn how to use it. «There were virtual activities and other face-to-face activities when we resumed a certain normality; therefore, we believe that activities such as new technologies are useful to support them if they are interested and so that they better understand the different tools they have to be autonomous », he maintains.

There are outdoor activities, such as Nordic walking, which is having “many followers”, too: “People, apart from doing physical exercise, stop to talk about their interests and get along with other people in the group.”

In the next edition, music therapy and directed theater group

Councilor Subirats explains that for the next edition of the Grantivisme program there will be music therapy, a directed theater group and a healthy eating workshop. The nutritional aspect is one of the pillars of the initiative aimed at the city’s older people, without losing the intergenerational vision.

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