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Nine companies present offer for the future new Iot

As confirmed to the Diari by sources from the regional administration, the period for presenting offers closed last Friday with almost a dozen interested parties, after during the last few weeks those responsible for the Government have shown the property to the firms that have done so. required.

Now, the next step will be taken on May 12, when the contracting table will meet to open the envelope for the project to adapt the premises and the farm. On the 26th of the same month it will be the turn of the economic offer analysis. From then on, the winner of a process that has taken much longer than the regional corporation would have wanted will be determined after a legal dispute that began in 2018 and ended in 2021 with the eviction order by the Court Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJCat). Four years ago, the manager since 1986 tried to extend the permit that was in force and that the Government considered to be obsolete, just like the restaurant that was then on the top floor: the Tòful de Mar. This business complied with the decision of the Govern and, since 2019, the space is already occupied by the Sardineta.

760 square meters

The specifications of the future Iot specifies that the use of the space will be a “bar-restaurant for the general public”, as well as that the concession period will be “ten years from the date of formalization” of the contract. The space has 760 square meters: 258.93 of constructed area and 501.58 between three exterior terraces. The Government also requires that the manager must pay a “minimum” annual fee of 50,725 euros (4,227 per month). This amount “can be improved upwards in the offers that are presented.” The neighbor on the top floor (La Sardineta) pays 59,000 euros a year.

Among the requirements it is specified that, together with the economic and technical offer, “aspects related to the environmental management of the restaurant” will be valued, and that “the social criteria of the projects will be taken into account, such as the possibility of hiring people in unemployed, disabled, or workers from the same locality; measures to guarantee gender parity and family reconciliation; the ability to generate permanent and quality jobs; or the commitment to contract suppliers and local companies».

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