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New road safety campaign by the Guàrdia Urbana to control bicycles and scooters in Reus

The Urban Guard of Reus carries out the week of May 9 and 15, a new road safety campaign of control and surveillance of bicycles and electric scooters. The new preventive campaign, coordinated with the Servei Català de Trànsit, has a double objective: to make users aware of the responsible use of these vehicles and the consequences of not complying with the regulations; and control the drivers of the rest of the vehicles that commit offenses against this type of vehicle, which is much more vulnerable.

In this sense, the control of bicycles and electric scooters seeks to guarantee an adequate coexistence with the rest of the users of the public road, to protect both their own safety and that of pedestrians. While the surveillance of drivers of the rest of the vehicles wants to warn of the vulnerability of the users of scooters and bicycles, and report infractions such as not respecting the priority of passing or stopping. Non-respect of reserved bicycle parking areas will also be monitored.

The municipal security body already carried out a similar campaign between January 10 and 16, during which it collected 115 complaints.

With the entry into force of RD 970/2020, from January 2, 2021, personal mobility vehicles (VMP) have their own category as vehicles in the General Traffic Regulations, with rights and obligations (as was already the case with bicycles). ). Its drivers are obliged to avoid damage, inconvenience and danger, in addition to maintaining permanent attention, diligence and caution when traveling on the roads. VMPs are subject to the system of infractions on stops and parking.

These will be some of the infractions that the agents will control again in the new road safety campaign: cycling or VMP on sidewalks and pedestrian areas, with the exception of skateboards, scooters or similar devices that do so at the pace of people, riding a bicycle carrying a child under 7 years of age without an approved seat or without an approved helmet and not giving way to a bike/VMP in a regulated intersection with a give way or STOP sign, forcing the rest of the driver to make sudden maneuvers with the risk of collision , among other.

breathalyzer controls

Likewise, random blood alcohol tests will be carried out to verify that people who drive bicycles or VMP do so without exceeding the rate of 0.25 mg/l expired air and that they have not incorporated drugs into their body. In case of testing positive in any of the two cases (alcohol and/or drugs), the vehicle can be immobilized and transferred to the municipal deposit. Refusing to carry out the alcohol and/or drug tests will also lead to the corresponding complaint being processed and the immobilization and deposit of the vehicle.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that since March 21, 2022, a zero alcohol rate has been established for minors who drive bicycles or VMPs.

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