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Neix l’Associació dels amics del poble d’Ucraïna a les Terres de l’Ebre

The Associació dels Amics del poble d’Ucraïna a les Terres de l’Ebre (AUTE), a non-profit entity that has the objective of helping to cover needs with the feina fence, has been constituted. food or health that the Ukrainian citizens who arrived in the territory fleeing from the war have.

The main purpose of the association is dignified housing. «Ens organitzem provident temporary floors. There are not two types, of a band, those with the Ukrainians live alone in a piss of someone who has left them through a contract of cession. For the other band, those people with a second habitat can collaborate by sharing their own, conviure-hi and donate a support to them”, explains Alba Estorach, president of l’AUTE. Estorach points out that of these two types of shared flats that work, at the moment, three are for living together with families and the rest are cedits flats.

AUTE places the focus on the most vulnerable people. As described by the entity, currently 15 habitatges are managed, 14 in Amposta and 1 in Campredó and they have at least 88 people. “We have started Amposta, but the idea is to expand us”, indicates the president, detailing that of these people who are currently in a company, 47 are minors, most of whom are menys of 12, 8 men and the remainder, 33, gifts.

Oleg Kapelushnik, a Ukrainian resident in Terres de l’Ebre for years, has bolcat as a volunteer. In addition to having two trips to the Polish border and having transferred 17 people, Kapelushink works voluntarily with the association in which he can. «Vaig begin to help portant-los fes lacking with the metge, of translator, fent recollida de menjar… try to help where we can», he explains, stating that the association acts to cover some necessitats that are not covered i achieve a good level of life. «In theory, the administrations donate the medical card, facilitate the access to the school for the children and help them look for work, but they do not donate housing. Let’s help that these people who came have a lloc on viure, avoiding that I make fifty people in a single house. Look for that tinguin qualitat of life». L’ukraïnès highlights the feina que s’està fent des de la nova entitat indicat que amé també «els ajudem a troba feina. Little by little there are people who work and suddenly help. Tots together fem molta thing».

Raise the volunteer

From the fan association, a cult of volunteering and they have made it available to interested parties, both particularly in the company sphere, the website is more than informed, it is possible to make donations and contribute resources.
L’ajuda goes beyond the economic sphere. One more way of collaborating with the entity is to donate support to people with an accompaniment or collaborating in the renovation of the flats, as long as the AUTE du a disinterested way. «We have cases of flats that do not have the light or water donated and we are in charge of taking care of these processes, of putting appliances, putting llits, kitchen material… Fins ara ho hem fet all amb els nostres propis resources, economics and time”, explains the president.

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