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neighbors vs. Tourist flats | Tarragona Newspaper

The undeniable success of the business of digital accommodation platforms for tourist homes such as airbnb that connect the owner of an apartment online with a tourist who wants to rent it for a short period of time, can bring negative consequences for the neighbors, since the social and neighborhood dynamics can be affected by the constant flow of tourists in apartments located in traditional residential buildings.

If a tourist home rented through airbnb it is located in an area of ​​the city center and has a high rating by platform users, it can be booked uninterruptedly by different tourists throughout the year, which can disproportionately distort or disturb the tranquility of the neighbors . If this happens, some measures can be taken to restore normality to the building in which the tourist accommodation is located.

In the United States for example, airbnb banned the party houses or party houses, where every night dozens of people gathered to celebrate in accommodation reserved through the platform, generating excessive noise and disturbances in residential areas, as it was a crowd of people in a celebration without containment measures.

To solve the problems arising from the continued and improper use of a tourist home, residents have the option of contacting the local authorities, especially on issues such as security, parties and excessive noise, but on more subtle issues such as the correct use of common areas and car parks, a complaint or denunciation of this nature may not be effective. They can also try to communicate directly with the owner, but the contact may be affected if the latter does not reside in the property and may not attend to the complaint in the terms required by the affected neighbor. Thus, these problems may not have a continuity solution.

To solve all these inconveniences, the platform airbnbwhich in principle does not intervene directly in the lease, has made available to the residents of the houses rented through this platform, a space on its website ( ), in which the neighbor who has previously looked for the advertisement of the apartment in question, or who knows that it is rented through airbnbyou can follow a process in which the platform, free of charge, acts as an intermediary between you and the owner to find a solution so that such circumstance does not happen again.

This process allows people outside both the brokerage contract and the rental contract, such as neighbors harmed by those staying in the tourist home, to communicate by telephone with the platform if the problem requires urgent resolution or submit a written complaint if This is a problem that does not require immediate assistance. Compliance with the agreed commitments is supervised by the team of airbnbtherefore, there is no doubt that this platform wants to project an image of accessibility for all the actors involved or affected in some way by tourist accommodation, in order to maintain its reputational level intact even though the neighborhood dynamics in cities with excess accommodation tourism is at least altered by the large reservations of tourist housing in residential areas made through the platform.

Silvana Canales Gutiérrez, predoctoral researcher at the UNESCO Chair in Housing (URV).

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