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Nearly half of novice drivers would choose an electric vehicle for their first car

It seems clear that younger consumers are much more environmentally aware than older ones. This hypothesis is confirmed by the study carried out by YouGov. As a great conclusion, it is obtained that almost half of the beginner drivers would choose an electric vehicle for their first car.

Of this total, 26% would opt for a fully electric vehicle. The remaining 16% would opt for partially electric models such as hybrids. The study also analyzes the existing differences in terms of gender. Male novice drivers are more likely than female drivers to adopt the zero-emission vehicle. 30% of boys compared to 23% of women.

Still, there are still first-time drivers who would opt for conventionally powered vehicles.

A fifth (21%) of those surveyed would opt for a gasoline vehicle once they have obtained their driving license.

Only 6% of those surveyed would stay with a vehicle with a diesel engine.

However, there is a large percentage of young people who would not know what type of vehicle to choose. Specifically, the study points to a figure of around 30%.

The future of diesel

Despite the data offered by this research, diesel will continue to be the protagonist of the market in the coming years. This is pointed out by a survey carried out by HeyCar a few months ago that has analyzed the new mobility trends in the automotive sector. As data, they extol the preference of users for the private vehicle after COVID-19. 47% of those surveyed said they would prefer to travel to work by car than by other means.

This is when HeyCar reveals that among the drivers who use the car more in their day to day there is still an upward trend for the diesel vehicle. And why do they prefer cars with this type of combustion?

Fuel savings (41%)

The best option for long trips (29%)

Reliability (26%)

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