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Nàstic’s mission: Convince

Last week’s draw against UCAM Murcia once again raised many doubts about Nàstic’s real ability to compete for one of the promotion play-off places. After the placid victory against Castellón, part of the Grana fans had cheered up again. In the roller coaster of sensations that this course has become, it was time to jump on the bandwagon after the defeat in Linares. But in La Condomina the gray and flat Nàstic reappeared, unable to win away from home. Not because things don’t work out for him, but because it seems that he doesn’t even try. He assumes the comfortable position of withdrawal and hopes to find his fortune in another’s mistake. An approach that despairs the nastiquera parish. In the distance they regret it with resignation, but at home they consider it unacceptable. At the Nou Estadi initiative with the ball is required. Attack formulas built from control (be it more or less vertical) and not only from the opponent’s failure. It is what they want to see tonight on the lawn of the Tarragona fiefdom. Joy, daring and victory. Only in this way will Raül Agné and his boys regain some confidence from the fans and convince them to continue by his side in this fight for the play-off for promotion to the Second Division. That they believe them when they say in the press room that it is the objective and they are going to achieve it.

Coach Raül Agné will not be able to count on Aythami, who is recovering from his knee problems, so the defensive line will not have much news. The only question is whether Carlos Albarrán will repeat or Pol Domingo will, who is one game away from suspension, just like Quintanilla. If the two saw it against San Fernando, the coach would have real problems for the axis of defense against Sabadell.

In the middle of the field he has opted for Ribelles and Elías. A declaration of intent about what he wants from the midfield with two defensive players. The option of Pedro del Campo returning to endow this medium with creativity is an open door. Same as inside lefty position if Bonilla or Jannick comes out.

At the point Romera is once again indisputable, while Edgar’s good performance in the minutes he was on the lawn at La Condomina could lead Gavà’s attacker to accompany the player from Almeria.

Opposite comes a San Fernando with many doubts. He has not won since March 12, against Linense, and since then he has added 2 points out of a possible 15. Biabiany’s loss (he played but played) has deeply affected Nacho Castro’s team and has left him three points from the play-off. Tarragona could be his last chance to stay alive in battle. Without the former Inter player, Juanmi Callejón, he is the most decisive footballer in the Cadiz team. He has scored eight goals. In the first leg, the Andalusians took all three points after winning 2-0.

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