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Nàstic thrashed Linense to continue believing in the play-off

What changes playing with a full stadium (or with a good entrance). With the people overturned and wanting to take the team to the limit. Everything falls face down. The goals enter by themselves, luck is on your side and even the referees whistle better. A scenario like this gives to fight for the play-off until the end. I would really give to fight for direct promotion to have an environment like this week after week. A pity that it came so late. Perhaps if this atmosphere had been created against Sanluqueño or against Linares, the story would have been different. It will never be known. They are matters of the multiverse or fictional football. In our reality there remains that feeling that it would not have hurt to have those 8,124 fans (twice the usual number) to fight for the best.

The repercussion generated by such an intense environment is undeniable. Players go with one or two gears too many. It almost doesn’t matter if the previous message is conservative. The thrust of the stands takes you forward. It gives you wings. Especially in the first minutes. When there is energy to spare. From each other.

In that initial outburst with which Nàstic came out to the field, the first goal came. Within ten minutes Simon won a race on the side of him. With all the time in the world, he looked up and instead of centering, he caught a glimpse of Del Campo’s arrival from the second row out of the corner of his eye. He put it on her hair and at the foot. The man from Figueres, a grana figure in this final stretch, broke it to make it 1-0.

With such a lively and passionate Nou Estadi, the players are closer to bringing out their best version. Robert Simon, the 1-0 assistant, proved to have more clarity in the final meters than most games to date. Not just with that back pass to Del Campo, but in the crosses and decision making throughout the match.

Pol Domingo, who returned to eleven to replace Carlos Albarrán, jumped up more than ever. Him appearing even ahead of Simon. A position so advanced that it gave him the chance to score in a one-on-one with the rival goalkeeper. He felt so strange in those parts that he didn’t know how to solve it. He did it his way. With force sending the ball to the highway. The Buffalo of the Pobla de Montornñes is all might. When he needs it and when not so much.

Faced with such a coming-out, even the goals seem to enter more easily. It took no more than ten minutes to do the second. Dani Romera hooked a dropped ball to open a can that he gave to take the leather home after the hat-trick.

The task was on track and all that was missing was for Linense to keep ten to finish the evening. With almost an hour to go, the Nou Estadi was ready to enjoy an afternoon of goals and fun.

Before the break the sack of goals could be important. Edgar Hernández slipped before connecting with a center from Romera and it slipped over the crossbar. Nil didn’t know how to solve a goal given by Simon and Robert himself didn’t get it right either in a one-on-one with Nacho Miras. The mete was also key to prevent Edgar Hernández from getting the third with a shot from the edge of the box.

Pol’s injury

The second half started off on the wrong foot. Pol Domingo was broken after two minutes in a play that ended in a corner kick for the Andalusians. Albarrán did not have time to come out to defend the action and Jesús Muñoz jumped more than anyone else to head into the net. The stands reacted confident that it was a mistake. An error that was repeated minutes later in another set piece play. The difference was that on this occasion Manu reacted to clear Morante’s header.

The Nou Estadi wanted to party and did not stop cheering. Trying to boost a team that the change of Elías by Ribelles did not sit well with them. The man from Badajoz entered the game badly and the rest of the team also lost that steamroller spirit. Many mistakes were made that allowed the Balona to grow until it annulled the theoretical numerical superiority.

But it was a happy day at the Gran Casa del Nàstic. One day even fortune smiled on the granas. Simon broke his dance partner again and put in an easy cross for the goalkeeper. Theoretically. The leather slipped away and with a masterful touch Romera made it 3-1. Seconds later, the man from Almería completed the hat-trick in a play similar to the previous one, but without the interruption of the goalkeeper. Simon hangs it and Romera hits the second post. Pablo joined the party with the fifth and had the sixth but the defender took the ball over the same lime line.

A complete afternoon for a magical Nou Estadi that recharges illusion and restores faith in the play-off.

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