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Nàstic continues to believe | Tarragona Newspaper

Full Time! Nàstic thrashed Linares in a good game from the granas. Romera stood out with a hat-trick and Del Campo and Édgar scored the other goals.

90 & # 39; Linense’s defense takes it under the sticks when Pablo’s second was already sung

90′ Three added.

86′ Yellow to Iván Martín after a hard tackle on Del Campo.

85′ The fifth! Now it is Pablo Fernández who scores after a great cross from Carbia.

80′ Dani Romera leaves and Fran Carbia enters.

79′ Romera’s third! The man from Almeria hunts down an unappealable volley at the far post after another great cross from Simón.

74′ Romera’s second! Simón’s center, Miras does not catch and the man from Almeria is ready with the rod.

70′ Minutes of nervousness in a Nou Estadi that is getting impatient.

62 ‘Yellow card for Trilles for stopping one against Linense.

60′ Double change at Nàstic. Bonilla and Pablo Fernández enter and Nil and Édgar leave.

56 ‘Yellow for Quintanilla who has to make the foul because Koroma was leaving alone.

55 & # 39; Edgar almost hooked a poisonous center from Joan Oriol.

50 & # 39; Now Manu García saves a shot from Morante.

48′ Linense cuts differences with a good header from Muñoz.

Today 8,124 spectators attended, the largest attendance of the season.

46′ The second half begins!

Change in the Nàstic. Elias enters and Ribelles leaves. Double change in Linense. Chiro and Connor enter and González and Mena leave.

45′ Break. Nàstic wins 2-0 with goals from Pedro del Campo and Dani Romera. Linense is with 10 after the direct red to Delmonte.

44 & # 39; And another! Edgar from the front and takes out a Miras that is currently saving a win.

43′ Another one that Nàstic forgives! Simón stands alone before the goalkeeper but Miras gets big and takes his shot.

42′ Oliva’s shot with the cane that does not find a goal.

40′ Another one for Nàstic! Simón leaves it to Nil in front of the goal, but he is left behind and hits him bitten. It was crystal clear.

37 & # 39; Edgar almost scored the third! Gavà’s first shot that did not find a miraculous goal.

36 ‘Yellow to Víctor Mena.

35′ Yellow to Riblles.

31′ Red direct to Delmonte for aggression in a jump to Romra.

29 ‘Koroma’s shot from the front that goes wide.

22 & # 39; The second! Now it’s Dani Romera! The man from Almeria hunts the ball from the sky and with a great volley beats Miras.

17′ Clear chance for Pol Domingo! The side is left alone, but it hits him very high. Great big minutes.

15 & # 39; Great play by Simón who centers and Romera finishes forzad at the hands of Miras,

10 & # 39; Great goal from Nàstic! The teacher appears! Peter of the field! Pass behind Simón and the man from Girona scores after a great shot.

7 & # 39; First approach of Linense through a corner that clears the grana defense.

3 & # 39; First warning grana! Nil finishes off, but his header goes high.

0′ The match begins!

There are already eleven in Linense. Nacho Miras, Muñoz, Morante, Loren, Ñito, Koroma, Monteverde, Oliva, Mena, Delmonte and Leuko.

We are waiting for the starting elevens of both teams.

Good afternoon, we are already at the Nou Estadi to tell you live what happens between Nàstic and Linares from 5:00 p.m. This is a key match for the granas who must win yes or yes to practically not dismiss their options to play playoffs.

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