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Mr. Olivé del Gas

Ara tot lo dia is gas talk. Start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict the gas has become a be car, I don’t say escàs. He remembered that when he was young he had a gas «made in Tarragona», which is a gas factory in the area of ​​the current Parc Central. The gas was born there, no vaixells nor gas pipelines, just the name of Gas Tarraconense. It will be molts anys the gas is going to start manufacturing in Tarragona. Practically no ugly smell and it will be an important development. Then the butà gas will appear, which arrives there on the cannonade does not arrive.

The offices of Gas Tarraconense are located at Carrer Unió, at the cost of Ràdio Tarragona and prop of Diario Español. At the gas offices s’hi controlled the pressure. When he had really demanded the lower pressure, Aleshores remembered to notify the factory by telephone: “Carmelo, push the pressure, or Carmelo, lower the pressure.” All the graph of bids and baixades of pressure was reflected in some graphs of the size of a roll of toilet paper.

Mr. Josep Maria Olivé i Solanes will be the director of Gas Tarraconense for many years. He was an infinitely educated person and the gas office was going to function as a kind of cultural center. Mr. Bernabé was in control of the press and was the house technician, since he was from the Club Cultural cinema, the office was going to become a meeting point. I entered the scale when there are no employees left. At that time, a film program broadcast by Ràdio Tarragona was also ugly. At the bottom of all hi there was the despatx of Mr. Olivé, who sortia to speak an Estonian and I wanted to enter his despatx as if you entered my house.

Quan marxava semper m’acompanyava fins a la sortida i ens vam fer amics. At home I keep a parell dels seus llibres of him signats per ell, va escriure llibres amb coses de la Tarragona de semper. Mr. Bernabé Bernabé made drawings for the Spanish newspaper, some cops also worked with the journalist Daniel de la Fuente Torrón. It was a time when censorship existed. Avui al Diari de Tarragona hi publishes the Napi, which has the taste of conèixer. Tea fi humor and ironic and missatge potent. I thank Napi for dedicating some of his seven vinyetes to me, one of which I keep in a mark, just at the cost of another that the artist Faro will dedicate to me. At the bar I also hi tinc framed a pen by Mr. Antoni Coll that he mentions.

Els tubs d’Uralita…

Tornant al gas, amb els anys i com en tot, el peix gros s’acaba menjant els petits. Com also goes through many caixes d’estalvis, which have been engolides pels grans bancs. N’ha sortit lost the poor client. In addition to gas, inspections are free of charge, but now there are no gas factories like those, which should be valued in their context and time. I am sure that they will sell the motorcycle for which it was cheaper to buy it than not to produce it. And of course, dismantle those gas factories, for the price of gas, you just have to go, away from the price of the dollar and because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Per A or per B the price of gas has increased.

He recalled that the technical service is made up of senyors Guerra, Casas and Bernabé, who constantly review the gas pipes. He would say that at that time hi havien tubs d’Uralita, that avui is prohibited. Per davant de casa encara n’hi ha, però estan anul·lats de fa dècades.

Gas is manufactured at various levels, I understand that if the generation of ours was in feia, we would also have the technology that we had, it would be simpler. We are accustomed to the fact that tot ens ho donin fet i això just had a price. Tarragona has Carrer Gasòmetre, which is where the first gas factory will be, here you can see the name. When there is a crisis, think about reinventing ourselves in order to not be so dependent. We depend massively on imports and it is not donated to support sectors such as the country’s agriculture.

When consuming the products from here and making sure they continue to be profitable for our producers, and for part of the state of affairs, it would not be bothersome for all kinds of imposts, which come to slow down entrepreneurship. He remembered that when he was very young and there was no gasoline, they would sort out the gas prices, which was an apparell normally situated darrere that from carbon feia fuel pel cotxe.

Entrepreneurs and clients, contents

When Mr. Josep Maria Olivé i Solanes is going to die, he is going to be sad, he is going to be left with 92 years of living history in Tarragona. Tothom the coneixia com to «el senyor Olivé del Gas». He veies pel carrer, salutaves i pensaves that he was a sàvia person. He will write various books and will always feel gassy. Life is there, and I allow myself to remember this great friendship of a person who will turn the company into a great family. Mr. Olivé is going to achieve a difficult thing: keep employees and clients content. I ask him what Mr. Olivé would think about mateix if he saw the panorama of the gas world. Història ens remembers things and now ens contributes wisdom not to run into the mateixa pedra again.

It is worth remembering that Mr. Josep Maria Olivé used to be a client of Casa Boada in the tomb of the 40s and 50s, when he served in the military from 1949 to 1952. Això ho remembers him in a dedication that will be in one of his books and that goes to the memory of mon pare Salvador.

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