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Mossos de Cambrils manage to rescue a man kidnapped for a drug debt

A joint operation by Mossos d’Esquadra and the Civil Guard has ended with two detainees for illegally holding a man in Burriana (in Castellón) to demand payment of an alleged drug debt.

The kidnappers, aged 50 and 52, accused the victim of having stolen 500 euros and narcotic substances from the home shared by the three and, for this reason, they had deprived him of his liberty until he could get the money he owed them.

The victim’s mother was the one who reported the events on April 25 at the Mossos de Cambrils police station, and thus began the police operation to free the man. The agents were able to stop the kidnappers when they were going to a Burriana call center to collect the ransom.

The mother of the victim explained to the agents that already on April 21 she began to receive calls from her son, asking her to urgently send her money to pay off a debt she had acquired with some people who were holding him against his will. During the conversations, the young man’s mother learned that she had managed to slip away from her kidnappers.

But on April 25, he received calls from his son again in which he assured that the same people had located him again and that they would not let him go until he paid the economic amount of 500 euros demanded as a ransom.

Given these facts, the mother filed a complaint with the Mossos d’Esquadra at the Cambrils police station. Immediately the Mossos Central Kidnapping and Extortion Unit went to Cambrils to advise her mother and be able to take charge of the case.

The investigators, considering the seriousness of the events, urgently informed the Civil Guard of Burriana and joint communication and coordination channels were established in order to clarify the events.

The Mossos negotiators were able to provide data on the possible whereabouts of the victim and Civil Guard agents located the victim and kidnappers when they were on their way to collect the ransom.

The detainees were handed over to the Vila-real Guard Court on April 28. The judge decreed freedom with charges for the two kidnappers with precautionary measures, restraining order regarding the victim and obligation to appear in court.

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