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More than half of Spaniards fear a III World War

55 percent of Spaniards consider that there is a risk that World War III will break out as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, five points more than in March, according to the latest current survey by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). According to the survey, the number of respondents who believe that there is no risk of a global conflict has decreased, from 41.5 percent in the past, to 36.5 percent this month.

In this context, 45.3 percent believe that Spain should increase military spending compared to 47 percent who believe that it should not be increased or that it should even decrease, similar percentages to the previous survey. Of course, there are a clear majority, 60 percent, who think that the EU should have its own army compared to 31 percent who think not.

Regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, 49.7 percent are convinced that they are being used by the Russian Army, 10.2 points more than in March, while those who think that Putin is not using them fall , going from 25.2 percent in March to 21.9 percent in April.

At the same time, those who think that Russia is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity remain at very high levels, with a percentage of 90 percent, and also those who point out that the Russian Army is deliberately attacking the civilian population in Ukraine, who add up to 85.2 percent of those surveyed.

Spaniards also think that the Russian Government “is producing false images or news” to blame the Ukrainian Army for the attacks on the civilian population, since 76.8 percent agree with this idea, compared to only 5 percent who She rejects. With this opinion, it is not surprising that 88 percent of Spaniards think that Putin should be tried by an international court for war crimes.

The reception of Ukrainian refugees in Spain is applauded by the majority, more than 90 percent rate it fairly or very positively. Meanwhile, Spain continues in the same fifth place in the list of countries best valued by citizens in their role for the war in Ukraine, which is headed by the Ukrainian government itself, with an average of 7.10 points (before 7.06).

It is followed by France (5.92) and the European Union (5.48), and below it are Germany (5.07), Spain (with a 5.06 that slightly raises the previous 5.02) with very similar scores. and the US (5.03), with the Government of Russia in last place, with a score of 1.5 out of ten. Regarding the repercussion that this conflict may have in Spain, they are the majority, 57.1 percent, which they think will affect the supply of food and other essential products, and 50.7 believe that, for this reason, , the Government would have to adopt “strong measures”. Among them, 82.3 approve of putting a “cap” on the price of fuel, compared to 8.6 who think that a maximum price should not be set.

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