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ACatalunya hi has two fears invers els quals, sometimes, it is not very pleasant to give an opinion in these moments and from now on for some years, because if the opinion is critical and not favorable, I am sorry that a soft criticism followed and sense to deepen gaire, no It is well seen by a part of the Catalan society. I refereixo to give an opinion about independence or about Barça. I begin by handing out “excuse me” to some good friends who are always and at all times correct for both of these things.

In the Camp Nou there is an inscription that gives peu to the title of this article «More than a Club». I am sorry for the discrepancy of this columnist and related that a sporting cub continued to be more than a mateix, since for other things there are other institutions, I have to admit that in the case of Barça, in part it is cert. It is to say, Barça is more than a club but only for a part of Catalonia. To the subtraction and also to the state sphere or to the foreigner I did not grow, or I did not see, that I thought that I followed that I eat more.

The mythical Johan Cruyff is going to define this club in a masterful way, always in Castilian language per cert, that «Barça is the army of Catalonia». But they are sorry to be more than a club, the truth is that they have not found that their two most emblematic players, that is, Cruyff and Messi, parlessin in Catalan, face that només fos some fetes phrases.

The current president in the sixth first presidency of the club will open one day the visit of the first deputy mayor and a councilor of an important Catalan City Council to invite him to a high-level conference in relation to both sport. And the alderman with an ironic note is going to say that he had commented that Mr. Laporta de petit was from Madrid. He’s not going to get humorous but seriously and he’s going to say that if he’s from l’Espanyol he’d have to support him because he’s going to comment: «we all have a girl from l’Espanyol». Donant I will understand that the parakeet followers were in a certain way with the aunt of the song of Joan Manuel Serrat amb a missal and a got d’agua to the tauleta de nit and a vell gat with the only companion, but that of Madrid not even jokingly els goes fer out of the despatx.

The representative of the Government in Paris is going to feel that Messi said that his children are Catalans, they are going to offer Catalan classes in Paris

Being, according to them, more than a club you do these things. Però crec that els dona more benefits than harms because els mitjans catalans, públics inclusos, all the day they talk about mateix. And when the players don’t work, they talk about the players and, if not, about other things for the team mate. I will say that the coverage of Messi’s march will probably be superior, finally, to the ill-fated war in Ukraine. That marxa-fugida is going to be a full-fledged drama of which they semblance they haven’t just recovered. Finally, the representative of the Generalitat in Paris, when he felt that the emotional Messi said that his children were Catalans, was quickly going to offer Catalan classes to Paris for them. But there is no evidence that the offer is accepted.

But in a sports club that defines itself as more than a club, it is logical that one of his captains, Gerard Piqué, also remains more than a captain. Així el tenim també com a impresario. This player who has always been at the top level, but now not so much, had a certain obsession with Espanyol and declared that his wealth was superior to that of Espanyol and that he was more motivated to play against him ‘Espanyol than against Real Madrid. And of course, he is going there, because he seems to be the best for them to leave Spain in Pau and guide Madrid. And he also commented that to play for the Spanish team there was no need to feel Spanish.

But since he is more than a captain of a soccer team, which at one time was supposed to be more than a club, he did other things and there was a lot of publicity in some audios, the darrers temps treats the Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Soccer, like «Rubi» and the president treats him like «Geri». Or the Geri continued to tell Rubi amb un fins i tot supplicant that he had a great illusion to play for the Spanish team to win the Olympics and that fins i tot ho communicated to the Spanish coach. And in another audio the Geri also told Rubi that to advance in the talks with Saudi Arabia to celebrate the Spanish Super Cup there for a convenient contact with the King of Spain, and after a few seconds of silence, in the audio , i porqué no hi hagi dubtes diu «l’emèrit». That at the time and with him he is sabut and from ja fa anys it seems that he has deep economic knowledge of the Arab world.

The reactions of the coaches of the four teams affected by the Spanish Super Cup have been força interesting. Xavier Hernández, as a natural, has total support. Simeone from Atlético de Madrid is going to resort to Argentine irony and said: «Barça and Madrid have already heard it». Because Piqué, Geri per als íntims, offered to win millions of euros for these two teams and one or two for Atlético and Valencia, the other two participants in the renowned Super Cup. I Ancelotti from Reial Madrid is going to go through the Bible and say: «I have ears and I have heard and I have sight and I have seen, but I am not going to make any more statements about this».

In Valencia, the most discreet team of the quatre and that per cert and at the time of the long trip, the coach will be the one who will protest the most, because he knew or suspected something, they must think that he had packed Valencia and I’ve sent to Barajas, and from there I went to Saudi Arabia, but I quickly lost a game and returned home, I also quickly donated a million euros and the other two. Fantastic.

In such a difficult time and with passen tants things and not exactly pleasant and friendly things, it would be better for the institutions, the careers, the directors and the participants to try to be the feina seva that is prou difficult and not dedicate themselves to self-proclamations that només are believed by those who fan them and potser a vegades or això. This article is dedicated to Carlitos Avilés, from Penya Pericos de Tarragona, who will be asked by WhatsApp that you write to him. A hug, friend.

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