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More than 5,000 roses bloom on the facades of Reus

From yesterday until next Monday, Reus exhibits its emblem on the facades of four historic buildings. Around 5,000 red roses cover the Palau Bofarull, the Town Hall, the Casa Navàs and the Círcol in colorful assemblies that capture the attention of passers-by: nobody wants to be left without a selfie with the ornamentation in the background and more than one even takes it secretly some flower

This is the Roses de Reus initiative, which reaches its second edition conceived by Promoció de Ciutat as a “homage party to the rose” and which generates a magical atmosphere coinciding with the National Roses Exhibition Contest which, starting today, launches the Reading Center. A structure with the word Reus made with roses has also been placed in the Mercadal and the balconies of the same square have been decorated, and Calle Major has a roof of colored ribbons.

In addition, El Tomb de Reus and the Unió de Botiguers de Reus distribute another 6,000 roses these days. The Tarragona Provincial Council, the Reading Center and the residents of these areas also participate in the project. Students from various courses at the Escola d’Art i Disseny de Reus and the Institut d’Horticulture have been in charge of preparing the montages: Connectats connectem embellishes the lower part of the façade of the Círcol with a dynamic sequence of flowers, Endinsa’t a les roses transforms the entrance of the Palau Bofarull into a “more lively and more striking” by arranging the roses on a metal mesh, Reus is the installation in front of the municipal palace with the letters of the city for visitors to take photos and Red has dispersed roses along the upper section of the access to Casa Navàs.

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