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Mor Amadeu Duch, who was mayor of Garidells for 49 years

Amadeu Duch, who was mayor of Garidells for 49 years, will die there at the age of 88 years. He will begin to exercise the title on October 10, 1966. But during the previous four years he had been a councilman.

During the first four legislatures of the democratic stage (1979 to 1995) it will be presented in an independent list, while in the next four it will be in those of Convergence. In all the comics, the five regidors are employed, except in the 1983 elections, when the PSC will have one. And in 2011 it will have three, before the PSC both.

2015 was an electoral year and I will be thinking about the end of the day if it is going to be presented again. But finally she will say no. Als his 80 years, he considered that several legislatures –from the democratic stage– were sufficient. He is going to replace the current mayor, Marc Bigordà (TsG-AM).

October 2015 will cover a tribute to the discovery of the plaque of a new square that bears his name.

The mass and funeral will take place in the afternoon at the church of Sant Jaume dels Garidells.

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