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Mor als 80 years Josep Massot, Prize d’Honor of the Catalan Letters

The Benedictine monk, philologist and historian Josep Massot i Muntaner died this Sunday morning at the age of 80 at the monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. The religious, a native of Mallorca, was director of the Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat since 1971, with which he promotes the different collections and magazines with the historic Serra d’Or. Massot is founder of the Catalan Society of Language and Literature and curator of the Fonts de l’Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya. As an erudite and intellectual, he has rebutted numerous awards and distinctions, such as the Crítica Serra d’Or in 1993, the Creu de Sant Jordi in 1996 or the Premi d’Honor de les Lletres Catalanes in 2012 for a “trajectory of 50 anys de treball sense vacances per la cultura catalana”.

Aragonès, Torra i Armengol: “Ens has left a savi”

“Ens ha deixat Josep Massot, a savi who is going to dedicate his life to the study of our culture, our language and our history”, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has assenyalat. “Pare Josep Massot i Muntaner has been a generous savior who has created a passion for knowledge that will last in time. A defender of the language and a servant of Finnish culture in the last few days. Rest in peace”, has expressed by the seva banda l’expresident Quim Torra.

“A friend, a savi estimat who dedicates his life to the language, culture and democratic memory, to a millionaire. I will not force them to talk to you or your mestratge. Your arrival is as great as your generosity i valors”, the president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, pointed out to the seu torn. L’Abadia Montserrat has announced the death of Father Massot, has remembered that he was 57 years old that he was a monk and 50 that he was a priest, and has announced that the funeral, presided over by Father Abat Manel Gasch, will be Tuesday coming, April 26, at 10:45 a.m.

Josep Massot, “a historian tot terreny”

Josep Massot goes to Palma in 1941, he goes to study Romance Philology at the University of Barcelona -with his license in 1963-, and he goes to extend his studies of philosophy and theology to Germany. He is going to specialize in midlife, mainly in topics of popular culture, but also in the Civil War and the postwar period. He will collaborate with the Great Catalan Encyclopèdia and will direct the Dictionary of Catalan Literature from 1977 to 1979. He will also promote research treballs and homages on historical authors of Catalan culture, and also philological studies. He is the author of more than twenty works and notable writings for the press and specialized magazines such as ‘Els Marges’, ‘Serra d’Or’ or ‘Estudis Romànics’.

At the beginning of 2022, it is going to present a choral book with more than 60 times that reviews the facets of Josep Massot as a monk, historian and editor. A miscel·lània coordinated by Jordi Manent that reviews the trajectory of a “tot terreny historian”. “The erudition of Josep Massot does not simply consist of exhuming documents and fornifying data. His mastery rests on a very high-demand, exemplary work methodology. He subjected the work to a constant review process”, recalled the Catalan literature professor contemporary to the UV, Carme Gregori.

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