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Mont-roig parks the dignity and improvement of the archive

The government team of the City Council of Mont-roig del Camp rejected in the last plenary session a motion presented by the opposition groups in which they requested the dignity of the municipal archive to adapt it to current regulations, at the request of the Associació Cultural Arxiu i Memory.

The motion requested the adoption of four agreements. Specifically, that the City Council of Mont-roig del Camp declared its will and commitment to the construction or adaptation of a municipal facility with the necessary conservation conditions to host the Municipal Archive service; urge the government team to include in the budgets for the year 2023 the items necessary for the construction or adaptation of this municipal facility; convene a meeting with the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and the Support Service for the Catalan Archive System to request advice on the planning and design of the facility; and initiate the procedure for integrating the Municipal Archives into the Catalan Archive System and its registration in the Archive Register.

The signing parties (Junts per Mont-roig Miami, ERC Més, Ara Mont-roig and Ciutadans Miami Mont-roig) defended their motion based on article 20.1.c of Llei 10/2001, of July 13, on archives and document management in the Sistema d’Arxius de Catalunya (SAC) which requires having the necessary facilities to guarantee the preservation of documentary collections; Having facilities and opening hours to the public that allow access, as well as having sufficient staff, are requirements that the regulations require.

Above all, the consultation area, where users can access, consult and manipulate the documentation, focused the debate and discussion.

The Junts and ERC spokespersons understand that the current space does not comply with the regulations; the mayor, Fran Morancho, was even upset when he heard from the opposition that the rights of citizens in access to information in the municipal archive are being violated.

Morancho considered that the improvement of the archive is not a priority at this time, and instead, for example, the budget items for the municipal nursery or the Miami Platja Institute, two of the examples that he put on the table during the plenary session.

The votes against the government team made up of the eight councilors from the PSC-Candidacy of Progrès, one from Impulso Miami Mont-roig and one more from Verds per Més prevented the motion from succeeding.

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