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Moderna assures that its new vaccine is even better

Modern biotech said Tuesday that its new version of the covid-19 vaccine, still under study, is generating a greater immune response against recent variants of the coronavirus compared to the approved product currently offered, according to preliminary data. .

The US company said in a statement that the study version, called mRNA-1273.211, generated a superior immune response against the beta, delta and omicron variants one month after its administration in a booster dose of 50 micrograms.

The immunization offered by this version, tested in 300 patients at a 50-microgram booster dose, continued “for six months after administration against the beta and omicron variants” and had similar adverse effects to the approved product.

The firm pointed out that according to preliminary data, this new version, which combines the serum of the original vaccine with one specific against the beta variant, has generated an immune response that is generally better than the current one, even against variants whose mutations it does not include. Moderna, like other manufacturers of vaccines against covid-19, has been developing sera that include mutations present in the new variants, but for now it is betting on another product as a candidate for the booster doses it will soon offer in the northern hemisphere.

The candidate preferred by Moderna is mRNA-1273.214, a prototype that is in an advanced phase of study and combines the serum of the original vaccine with another specific one against the omicron variant, of which it will disclose data when publishing its economic results this month.

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