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MNProgram, the best management software for clinics

Private clinics handle a huge amount of data: managing appointments, medication, medical reports, etc., which can become a problem if clinical management software like MNProgram is not used.

This company is specialized in CMRs for businesses, so it has one focused on all types of clinicssince they provide solutions that serve both the professional who works alone, and large centers.

All data on one screen

The management of a practice is complex, and it is currently impossible to carry it out without some type of software, although it is true that many professionals still use somewhat primitive solutions such as Excel.

These are programs that are not intended for managing a health center, they provide more complications than benefits and this is where this clinic management software comes in.

From a single screen you have access to the agenda, patients, records, the treasuryto prescriptions, clinical history, purchase control, etc.

We ensure that no data is lost and that finding any of it is a matter of seconds, not to mention that with a click of the mouse we can obtain all kinds of reports.

runs in the cloud

Currently, the vast majority of business management software runs in the cloud and this is no exception.

This means that we can access it from any computer, no matter how modest, since it runs in the browser, which saves us from having to buy more powerful computers if ours are already old.

Furthermore, and this is even more important, We will never lose data because our hard drive breaks, since all of it is stored on the servers of this company.

We will be safe from data leaks, which always have consequences for a business and more so in this sector, in which we are handling the most sensitive information that exists.

They do the migration for free

One of the biggest fears when changing CMR is what happens to the data we already have, something that should not worry us because they make the migration totally free. In addition, the specialists of this company are ISO 27001 certified, which means that everything will be fine.

During the migration we can continue working without any problem, so it will not affect the attention we provide to our clients.

Patients can choose their appointments online

Of all the management tasks, one of the most time-consuming is appointments, something that we can solve with this CMR, since It is possible that the patients themselves choose the online appointment and even the professional they want to see.

MNProgram is dedicated to creating management programs for companies, which is known as CMR. Among them, it has a clinical management software that greatly facilitates the daily work of these professionals, getting them to spend their time attending to their patients instead of performing administrative tasks.

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