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May 1: contenció dels preus, augment de sous i prou inequalats

The 1st of May, International Work Day, is the protest and solidarity date for excellence. The modification of the nuclear elements of the 2012 labor reform is one of the most important moments in the social dialogue scene, since it is not the only one. The agreements, among others, that have regulated the ERTO during the pandemic have established a social scrutiny that has allowed saving the employment of millions of workers.
The labor reform addresses in-depth aspects such as the reinforcement of collective bargaining, recovering the ultra-activity of the collective agreements, the prevalence of the application of the sectoral agreement, and the agreement of the company and the guarantee of the agreement of application to contracted companies and subcontracts.

UGT was convinced that these reforms would contribute to overcoming instability, precariousness and excessive external adjustment. We must continue to protect the occupation with a review of the causes and costs of the accommodation to avoid that it is easy to serve as an adjustment method and, instead, bet on the internal adjustment mechanisms that counted the agreement assolit in social dialogue.

Since mid-2021, inflation has accelerated both in the Spanish State and in the eurozone, linked to energy prices and food products, while the salaries agreed to moderate the bid. It is urgent to take effective measures to saturate the bid for prices that impoverish the working class. At the end of the day, the measures must focus on alleging the most negative consequences of this external confrontation, especially on the vulnerable sectors of the population.
It is essential to guarantee the purchasing power of the families, especially of those people with less resources. From here you see the importance of the different bids of the SMI and of the pensions referenced to the increase in the cost of living.

Therefore, it is important to develop a collective negotiation that curbs the dynamics of loss of purchasing power of wages, to prevent it from being a social powder keg and that economic recovery is potentially risky. Per això, it is fundamental to include in the collective agreements the salary review clauses.

We must continue to protect the occupation with a review of the causes and costs of the accommodation to avoid that it is easy to serve as an adjustment method

I continue with the fight against the non-compliance of the Agreements for the compensation of the IPC deviation clauses to companies that distribute benefits to the shareholders and then do not complicate the agreements with the chemical sector, or the Contact Center sector that they intend to encourage the contracting with ETT and not pushing the salaries according to the IPC to recover the salary loss from 2019.

Or the Correus sector with a vague call on June 1, 2, 3 against the removal of the postal service.

In Tarragona, 24.6% of the population is in a situation of poverty or social exclusion. The Generalitat has to establish concrete measures to alleviate the situations of poverty and social exclusion: direct aids, increase the sufficiency income indicator, frozen since 2010, increase the coverage of the guaranteed income of citizenship because it arrived at all that is necessary, the activation of a social supply system for the most disadvantaged people and help self-employed workers.
Tanmateix, the reinforcement of the health system, which has remained strong after the pandemic, or the improvement of the educational system as demanded by the educational community are questions that cannot wait.

With a clear commitment to the industry of our country with a National Pact endowed with sufficient pressure and transformative actions, and the development of a powerful renewable energy model that goes beyond the historical dependency of other markets and fossil fuels.

Now is the time to have enough and decent salaries, to promote stable employment and quality and to put an end to both inequalities. The hard-working people have to be clear, we are not going to have to pay for this crisis!

The treballadors and treballadores are complint our part, it is now necessary that the companies and the governments make the mateix.

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