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Mario Vaquerizo, the Salinas de Cambrils

Mario Vaquerizo is one of the most popular characters on television. The singer, journalist and husband of the singer Alaska has a large number of followers and even exceeds a million followers on Instagram, being considered one of the quintessential celebrities of the heart.

The Madrilenian has taken the opportunity to explain in Larguero de la Cadena Ser an anecdote that directly relates him to Tarragona. Specifically, he remembers Cambrils, to which he is linked by sport in a very curious way. In fact, he wanted to remember fondly in the interview the nickname he had in tribute to former player of FC Barcelona and the Spanish team, Julio Salinas. “Salinas de Cambrils. He played in a small town in Tarragona, which is Cambrils, where there was a sports center and the children would go to play with their parents. They called me that because Salinas, because he was a great player who was characterized by the fact that it seemed that when he went to score a goal that was very easy, I didn’t score, and what was impossible to score, I did. The same thing happened to me. What was impossible to stop, I stopped, and what was very easy to stop, I did. They sneaked everywhere.”

A statement that makes it clear that Vaquerizo’s memory of Cambrils is absolute. A municipality in which he spent his summers and which he has remembered on other occasions such as the one he recalled in an interview with the top 40 the first time he tried beer: “It was in 1989, in Cambrils on a record- pub called Jokers.

Together with his wife Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo will sing the Copa del Rey anthem, ‘Celebrating is Winning’. A final in the Cartuja de Sevilla in which there will be representation from Tarragona, such as that of the player from Sant Jaume dels Domenys, Marc Bartra.

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