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Maldonado is passing | Tarragona Newspaper

Josep Maldonado is calling from Reus. He goes to El Vendrell and on the way stops in Tarragona for a coffee that we have postponed. He is the same as always, although with 60 kilos less in his giant body that delighted Napi, although he retains his unmistakable hair and beard.

She is actually passing between Sierra Leone, where she was last week, and Brazil, where she is traveling to. In the poverty of Freetown, she helps a missionary who has rescued hundreds of minors from prostitution and manages to send them to school. And in the Brazilian favelas he will distribute Barça and Nàstic shirts, boots and balls from his Esport Solidari Internacional foundation, as he did recently on the Ukraine-Poland border, from where nineteen refugees were brought in four vans.

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