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love in days of war

The human being has such a great and unusual capacity for resilience that even in the darkest and most tragic moments, in the greatest darkness, it is possible to find a glimmer of light, of hope. This is what some stories that come to us from that Ukraine that suffers so much from the war tell us.

Because yes, also in the midst of so much pain, in the midst of so much desolation, in the midst of so much barbarity and in the midst of so much death, it is possible to appreciate the effort of life to get out of the water. It has been demonstrated by that Ukrainian couple who got married despite the fact that the bride, Oksana, a 23-year-old nurse, stepped on a Russian mine in March, when she was traveling along a familiar path, and lost her lower limbs and four fingers of the left hand.

The young woman underwent four operations before being evacuated to Dnipro, where her injuries were healed. A terrible incident that made them see that “life should not be postponed.” And so the couple took their vows this week at a hospital in Lviv, very close to the Polish border, where the woman is preparing for prosthetic leg surgery. It was a very special ceremony, which included the closest relatives and in which not a single detail was missing.

The newlyweds were even able to enjoy the wedding dance, a very emotional moment in which he held the bride up in the air while those present burst into applause. It is not for less when he witnesses how love triumphs over the most stupid and cruel war.

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