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Los Angeles seduces Montesinos

The company Upgrade Productions, based in Los Angeles and led by two heavyweights of the American industry, Matt Brodlie and Jonathan Kier, former directors of platforms as important as Netflix and Disney, has only opted so far for three non-North American projects: one of Japan (Twenty Faces), another from Australia (Sausages) and the series La Jaula, directed by the director from Tarragona, José Luis Montesinos.

«It began as a project by the Catalan production company Minoria Absoluta (Polònia, I love you Imbécil). They trusted us as creators, Iakes Blesa, Lluís Altés and myself, and gave us absolute freedom, never better said, to develop the story. From there, the production company DeaPlaneta joined us, which gave us muscle and impetus to reach other markets… And that’s how our story crossed the pond and aroused the interest of Upgrade Productions”, explains Montesinos.

The fantasy horror series is set on New Year’s Eve 1999. A group of troubled kids sneak into an abandoned mansion to celebrate the end of the millennium. Unexpectedly, they soon discover that their party house is actually the lair of dangerous vampires.

«The change of the millennium generated many concerns at that time. That New Year’s Eve was more special than the rest: the 2000 effect, apocalyptic predictions, even the music of the late 90s… All of that is present in the series. He has personal experiences, also from Iakes Blesa and Lluís Altés, obviously passed through a fiction filter”, says Montesinos, winner of a Goya and a Gaudí for his short film El Corredor.

Iakes Blesa, Lluís Altés and José Luis Montesinos. Photo: Courtesy

La Jaula is a “show” with 8 episodes per season. At the moment, the first two are raised and there is a third in the drawer. The plan, if nothing goes wrong, is to shoot it in 2023 in Barcelona, ​​where the plot takes place. «It is still early to talk about casting, but our idea is to have Catalan and Spanish acting talent. Young promises that give the story the freshness we are looking for, “he advances.

It will be the first series directed by the man from Tarragona, who grew up in the Port neighborhood –on General Contreras street, near the Renfe station-. “In fact, it is the first one we created. In the market in which we currently operate, it is quite common to work as a director on episodes of shows that are not created by you. Our challenge was to create a series from scratch and be able to imprint our character as writers and then as directors. With La Jaula we see it possible », he assures.

Action, fantasy and comedy

Is it very different from shooting a movie? «Normally, a series extends more in time in terms of filming than a movie. That causes the energy to be dosed differently. It’s also a process where we can afford more character development. Either way, I’d love for you to ask me that question when we’re done shooting.”

The will of the producers is that La Jaula reaches the whole world. «It is still too early to talk about distribution on platforms, but the idea is that it be a project that is of interest to a broad market. We tell a close story, with disturbing characters and close to the viewer. A story that combines action, fantasy and comedy. A field in which we develop well as screenwriters, “says Montesinos.

After the success of his first film, the horror thriller Cuerdas (2019), the director seems to have specialized in startling and frightening the public with his proposals. «For me, genres are the mechanism to explain stories of characters that interest me. The fantastic has always been there, since the days when he played role-playing with several high school classmates. It is a vehicle that helps us tell stories of characters who are on the edge of the precipice, the relationships between them and the atypical unions that can arise to face a common enemy », he points out.

His idyll with terror is bringing him a lot of success, but he doesn’t want to pigeonhole himself. “I like it, I’m not going to deny it, but we’re not just working on horror stories. Without going any further, right now we are finalizing a new film at the script level and it is a police thriller. Behind this new project there is a very powerful film production company and we are very confident in the result », he concludes.

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