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Lluïsa Crusells: «The origami improves self-esteem and also benefits therapeutic tea»

How will you discover the world of origami?

Fruit of the coincidence, one day the internet vaig veure a dress that was fet amb this technique. Llavors, I didn’t know what origami was or what origami consisted of. Només knew fer barquets de paper. So, I investigated all the relationships with origami in Japan and I arrived at the end of the day.

What is the difference between origami and origami?

The first technique encompasses from Finnish psychology to the Zen thought of Japanese culture, is to say, all those who do to me and offer to another person valuable tea. L’origami tot i que es senzill i que pot fer tothom, te value de les coses fetes des del cor. In change, origami is understood as the simple task of folding a paper figure, not as transcendental as origami.

Throughout his long career, he has specialized in the therapeutic facet of origami.

It is one of the many facets that this art matemàtic has. All you have to do is to see the fish following a procedure, then you have the freedom to play with the colors of the papers. The one that pleases me the most is to take advantage of the utility, it is to say, not because it follows paper s’ha to menystenir. Això m’ha permès adapt l’origami to llums, joies, bosses de mà, etc.

Is it an ephemeral art?

Pot be-ho or not, will depend on the utility that li vulguis donate.

What is the difficulty at the time of adapting the figures to the jewelry sector?

I am not an origami creator, since they are usually mathematicians, physicists or engineers. I adapt the seves creations to the day to day. So, there is no specific difficulty, if at this moment I will have to look for the necessary materials because the paper is consistent, with any other material. Fins to find all these materials, I hagut de fer moltes proves.

What are the characteristics of the paper?

With the highest quality. I use Italian papers for the jewelry fish because they have a high percentage of cotó. With the highest quality, the best product will be left behind.

Les seves eines are principally les mans. He hi tea heals in a special way?

No. Origami is beneficial insofar as it is an exercise for men, although it can also become excessively painful, with all life.

Who are the skills exercised by this Japanese technique?

Amb els exercicis treballes les dues mans, dreta i esquerra, així com els two hemisferis del cervell en l’àmbit cognitiu. Això fa that, for example, in South America hi there are hospitals with people who have suffered a stroke with origami as therapy; There are also people with Alzheimer’s in very early stages to exercise their memory and routines, that is, they are very beneficial therapeutics.

Personally, have you experienced these benefits?

Yes, both cognitively and physically, because they have more people.

The seves first fish will be for decoration, specifically llums.

Yes, this year will be 2014 when there are also courses and workshops. While fa gairebé quatre anys vaig start to fer joies i l’any 2019 vaig start amb les bosses d’origami, but soon the pandemic will arrive.

How will origami help her get through the confinement?

Between the week anava fent fish and the caps of the week vaig look for another feina, since both the confinement is going to cancel the fires. Així també em vaig dedicate to fer mascaretes, so much d’origami com més anatòmiques. Com per a tothom, it will be an adaptation.

Who figure tea pendent de fer?

Moltíssimes perquè n’hi ha milions. The one that faig is molt basic, but it is molt bonic, since I work in the face of utility. We have the idea that origami is very childish, however, it is a mathematical art and that it needs a lot of work, because it has many complications. Per year, the workshops are oriented to large people.

Do you need a lot of concentration?

so much Per això, people who are decebudes amb elles mateixes, because they think that they are not capable of making a figure manually, when they come to the workshop they are very surprised because they are capable of making a figure. Per tot això, l’origami millora l’esteem.

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