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Lliçons d’esquerranisme | Tarragona Newspaper

Reply to the deputy of the PSC/PSOE, Mr. Ruiz, to his article in the Diari de Tarragona of May 2, 2022.

In this article, Mr. Ruiz is allowed to donate lliçons d’esquerranisme. Yes, ell, the mateix who is going to vote in favor of l’art. 135 of the EC on August 26, 2011, in which the Parliamentary Groups of the PSOE and PP are going to change the Spanish Constitution for the urgent procedure and single reading, since the payment of debt to the banks passed per end of the services socials basics. This action is the mare of all the challenges that patim faces in health, education, dependency, among other things, to all the state, including the autonomous communities fiscally dependents, with Catalonia. The PSC/PSOE deputy is also going to vote to freeze pensions, and the labor reform, which is not yet repealed, for which the unions are going to convene three general decisions. And yes, he is the mateix who is going to vote for a brutal baixada of the sou dels oficialis. Of his seu compromís republicà of him, millor in parlem one other day.

But if Mr. Ruiz does not know, ERC will donate support to the investiture in exchange for two large blocks of commitments. A first, focused on social rights, which included pensions, interprofessional minimum wages, freedoms, repealing labor reforms, reducing repression, etc. I one second, focused on the national drets. Aquest últim is concentrated in the compliment of the Sit and Talk in a taula de diàleg, obliging two governments to assure’s, from country to country. An attempt to resolve the historical conflict between Catalonia and the Regne d’Espanya in a democratic way, and finally end the repression. We are going to present the elections with this program, and we are going to love them.

One of the toilets that ens fan is the «labor reform». Do not oblige that the governments of the PSOE and PP are going to destroy fundamental labor rights for the working class. ERC is going to present to the elections in order to repeal the two labor reforms, and also the mateixa electoral promise is to present PSOE I UP/ECP. Així that, what the voters have to remember, Mr. Ruiz, is that, tot i poden fer-ho, perquè podien, the Grups parlamentaris of PSOE and UP are NOT going to return to process the Labor Reform to Congress in the form of Projecte de Llei . Remember that you are going to vote against it, and you are going to prefer to play Russian roulette, tot presenting the Labor Reform as a Royal decree law, sense of possibilitat d’esmenes, les quals haguessin permès the real repeal of the anti-worker laws. Tot an insult to parliamentarism. The Law will be approved due to the error of a PP deputy without parliamentary processing! Who is irresponsible in this story? Who incomplete?

Qui frivolitza amb les clavegueres de l’estat li potar passar el que ara s’està vivint: conèixer that the mateix president of the coalition government and ministers have also estat espiats

The reality and result of the seva lei is that the “most progressive government” in history has not been able to recover the processing salaries, nor has it touched the causes, nor the accommodation price, nor the administrative authority to approve a ERO, neither the causes of despenjament de veni, nor the abuse of partial contracts, etc. You will prefer to align yourself with CEOE, FAES, Cs, PDCAT, Ms. Botín, the European Commission of the Republic, to pose some examples, and not improve the law with the esmenes of Bildu, ERC and BNG.
Ens parla d’a social plan, faces that the one who is going to vote is not an anti-crisis plan, but pedaços, importants quan the pateix population, yes, but of all insufficient. A cop more could anar més enllà, and it is left amb els minims.

Is it better to discount 20 cents on gasoline? Yes, if you stay away for a week you don’t allow me to pay more than 60 cents! Which anti-inflation measures does this reform contemplate? Chap. Is it a law that requires salaries to be indexed to the IPC? No. It is that it is a law that regulates the energy companies that are enriched indecently, as it is going to be with the banking system with you, while the people cannot pay the lump sum or fill the deposit? No (possibly because the councils of administration are farcits d’former ministers of the PP and the PSOE). Stay serious.

And, to finish, Mr. Ruiz frivolitza amb les clavegueres de l’estat. The ERC does not oppose my social rights and freedoms. Sense llibertats, sense justice, no hi ha res. Frivolitzar that s’hagin espiat, for example, the advocates of the defense of the shameful judici to the “procés”, which will end up with sentences of more than hundreds of years in prison, is indecent and simple. Why? Because who frivolizes both the key players of the state and the one who is alive will pass: I know that the former president of the government of the coalition and ministers have also been spied by some key players who do not control, or who do not control.
Tot i això, in one thing yes that tea raó. If the government of the PSOE and UP coalition does not complete these commitments, the broccoli will end. As it is going to be in 2019, they send cap home or ens carreguem de raons, one cop more, for a nou embat democràtic. Unfortunately, it is the only language that they understand at Zarzuela and Moncloa. I, per cert, ens vam return to present and return to Guanyar, because ERC gave the one who did and the one who gave did.

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