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In these times when there is so much debate about how the education our children receive in schools should be, when there is so much talk about what content they should learn and how they should do it, the initiative that you have put into The Chinese government is leaving, which has decided that children should develop what they have called “skills for life”. Thus, in the case of Primary schools, students will attend “storage and cleaning” classes, while they will receive “basic notions of cooking” until the children are capable of cooking by themselves. The news has been received on Chinese social networks with some enthusiasm, as there are many voices that are happy that little ones learn “really useful” things. In this sense, a user recalls that in Primary he learned to make ravioli and sew, while another points out that this measure will help children “develop and stop being mere students who only prepare to pass exams.” Of course, I don’t mind that “life skills” teaching. In fact, seeing the state of my daughters’ rooms makes me want to sign them up for those “storage and cleaning” classes. Perhaps we still have time, although I fear that if we continue like this, in the end we will end up asking the school to do what under normal circumstances families should –should– do at home. Because educating is not just a school thing.

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